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    • Journal Nursing Research
      Nursing Research
      Official Journal of the Eastern Nursing Research Society and the Western Institute of Nursing
      6 Issues/year
      USD $169.00
    • Journal CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing
      CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing
      Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI) Endorsed Publication
      4 Issues/year
      USD $100.00
    • Book The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory
      The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory
      Developed through theoretical thinking and tested by nurse education researchers, the NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory helps to articulate phenomena that exist within clinical simulation. By establishing and communicating known relationships within these phenomena, this theory provides a strong foundation for research and education, and enables future discovery of best practices in simulation.
      Through rigorous research and literature review, and by incorporating the perspectives of nurses immersed in simulation activities, The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory is an effective guide to implementation and further research.
      September 9, 2015
      $ 19.99 USD $19.99
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    • Journal Journal of Nursing Research (JNR)
      Journal of Nursing Research (JNR)
      Published by the Taiwan Nurses Association
      4 Issues/year
      USD $230.00
    • Journal Clinical Nurse Specialist™
      Clinical Nurse Specialist™
      The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice: The Official Journal of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists
      6 Issues/year
      USD $152.00
    • Book Perspectives on Nursing Theory
      Perspectives on Nursing Theory

      Perspectives on Nursing Theory is a comprehensive anthology of important articles addressing diverse theoretical and philosophical perspectives on the nature of theory and knowledge development in nursing. This informative and contemporary resource features some of the most widely read and cited articles that facilitates thought and discussion among nurses, researchers, students, and teachers.

      • Features 52 of the most widely read and frequently cited articles reflecting seminal, modern, and futuristic perspectives on nursing theory
      • Includes new articles reflecting current, cutting-edge views of nursing theory and trends
      • Includes biographical information about each author that provides insight into the author's perspective

      October 6, 2011
      $ 77.99 USD $77.99
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    • Book An Introduction to Theory and Reasoning in Nursing
      An Introduction to Theory and Reasoning in ...

      Develop the strong reasoning skills you’ll need for competent and caring practice with An Introduction to Theory and Reasoning in Nursing.  This proven book will help you understand theory, what it is, how it supports nurses and their practice and how you can use it to answer clinical questions and care for patients more effectively.  

      • See theorists and their theories come to life with Theorist boxes that contain a brief synopsis of the theorist's life and a photo of the theorist (when available).
      •  Access an alternative to nursing process care plans with a new research-validated reasoning model, the Clinical Reasoning Plan (CRP) that uses actual nursing case studies.
      • Increase your understanding of how theory and reasoning is used in clinical practice through Nursing Story boxes.
      • Clarify your understanding of individual support theories and nursing theories through Summaries that identify phenomenon, internal concepts or variables, propositions, external variables, and assumptions.
      • Increase your mastery of theory, research, and reasoning and their application to nursing practice through Chapter Overviews, Key Words in bold face type, Chapter Outlines. Chapter Introductions, Chapter Summaries, Learning Activities, and a comprehensive Glossary.
      • Go online to explore specific topics of interest through a wide range of up-to-date References
      • Find the information you need fast with anytime, anywhere access to the fully searchable text online.     
      December 24, 2013
      $ 77.99 USD $77.99
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    • Book Introduction to Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions Australia and New Zealand Edition
      Introduction to Teaching and Learning in the ...
      Health professional roles are becoming progressively more demanding and complex. Within a context of increasing complexity of client care needs, health professionals are often required to play a greater role in teaching students, often concurrently with managing client care responsibilities. There are few practical, handy resources available to assist professionals in carrying out such educational roles.

      Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Health Professions is designed to support health professionals, particularly those new to educational roles, in their teaching, and in developing their expertise. It provides an invaluable resource for a range of health professional students. Undergraduate students, who are required to demonstrate their achievement of teaching-related professional competencies prior to graduation, and postgraduate students who are undertaking education courses, will find this text extremely beneficial.

      • A clear, accessible guide to the theoretical foundations for supporting learning, applied to practical teaching contexts
      • A focus on considerations in effective health professional education, such as diversity in learning styles and student groups, and complexities of teaching settings
      • Effective strategies for optimising learning through the teaching cycle, from preparation to practice to evaluation
      • Practical guidelines for managing real situations, many applied in the clinical field
      • Useful resources that can be applied directly in teaching  
      • Reflective exercise that encourage learners to consider content in relation to their own teaching and learning

      February 15, 2013
      $ 69.55 USD $69.55
    • Book Theoretical Nursing
      Theoretical Nursing
      Development and Progress
      January 5, 2017
      $ 89.99 USD $89.99
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    • Book Middle Range Theories
      Middle Range Theories
      Application to Nursing Research and Practice
      February 2, 2016
      $ 73.99 USD $73.99
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    • Book Theoretical Basis for Nursing
      Theoretical Basis for Nursing
      Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

      Enhance clinical practice with a clear understanding of nursing theory.
      Access the essential information you need to understand and apply theory in practice, research, education, and administration/management. The most concise and contemporary nursing theory resource available, Theoretical Basis for Nursing, 5th Edition, clarifies the application of theory and helps you become a more confident, well-rounded nurse. This acclaimed text is extensively researched and easy to read, giving you an engaging, approachable guide to developing, analyzing, and evaluating theory in your nursing career.
      • NEW Ethical Theories and Principles chapter familiarizes you with emerging trends in evidence-based, clinically ethical practice.
      • NEW higher education boxes outline important connections with AACN’s “Essentials of Master’s Education” and “Essentials of Doctoral Education” to help you advance your nursing career prospects through additional education.
      • Link to Practice boxes provide concrete examples of how theory guides nursing practice.
      • Case Studies help you apply specific content to common scenarios encountered in everyday practice.
      • Learning Activities test your understanding of key concepts.
      • Chapter Summaries and Key Points recap important chapter content at a glance.
      • Online Literature Assessment Activity and case studies challenge you to think critically about textbook content.
      February 12, 2018
      $ 76.99 USD $76.99
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    • Prepack Theoretical Nursing 6e and Middle Range Theories 4e Package
      Theoretical Nursing 6e and Middle Range Theories ...
      This package contains the following products:
      • 9780060000448 Peterson Middle Range Theories, 4e
      • 9780060000424 Meleis Theoretical Nursing, 6e
      January 5, 2017
      $ 147.58 USD $147.58
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    • Book Using Research in Healthcare Practice, Australia and New Zealand Edition
      Using Research in Healthcare Practice, Australia and ...
      Using Research in Healthcare Practice provides a comprehensive overview of the core topics required to understand and utilize both qualitative and quantitative research. The primary focus is on helping students understand the value of seeking out studies when they need to explore practice concerns or dilemmas.

      The book's health profession focus recognizes that healthcare practice demands a rich, informed, and complex knowledge base that is drawn on and added to by all the professional and consumer groups involved. The authors' presentation shifts the focus from 'discipline' to 'patient', so that research based understandings are more holistically patient and community centered.
      December 9, 2009
      $ 60.34 USD $60.34
    • Book Qualitative Research in Nursing
      Qualitative Research in Nursing
      Advancing the Humanistic Imperative
      September 25, 2010
      $ 74.99 USD $74.99
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    • Journal Advances in Nursing Science
      Advances in Nursing Science
      Leading Scholarly Discourse
      4 Issues/year
      USD $168.00
    • eBook Theoretical Nursing
      Theoretical Nursing
      Development and Progress
      $ 89.99 USD $89.99
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