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Published 50 times per year (Weekly)
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  • Description
    Representing the best in the field,Circulation has accelerated advancements in patient care through scientific research since 1950.

    Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief, Joseph A. Hill, MD, PhD, Circulation publishes the most important papers from across the world of cardiology every week. Publishing a combination of basic, translational, clinical, and population research, the journal publishes the most authoritative articles and details the implications for application in your daily practice to improve patient outcomes. An individual subscription includes 50 print issues and full-text online access to all current and back issues.

    To view the latest Journal Impact Factor and other important publishing metrics like total cites, Article Influence score, and more visit www.ahajournals.org/metrics.
    See for yourself just how valuable Circulation is, visit the journal online at www.ahajournals.org/journal/circ. "Editor's Picks" articles are freely accessible with every issue as is all content older than 12 months.

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  • Specs
    Product Format
    Publication Frequency
    Published 50 times per year (Weekly)
  • Joseph Hill M.D, Ph.D
  • Features
    • PODCAST SERIES: “Circulation On the Run
      Each 15-minute podcast begins with an overview of the issue’s contents and main take-home message for busy clinicians on the run. Then, the podcast provides a deep dive into a featured article of particular clinical significance: views will be heard from both the author and editor teams for a “behind-the-scenes” look at the publication. Listen, and subscribe for free, in your preferred app store. Search “Circulation On the Run.” www.ahajournals.org/circ/podcasts/LI>
    • Test Yourself with Case Challenges and CME
    Improve your diagnostic skills and cardiovascular disease knowledge with the ECG Challenge of the Week and Cardiovascular Case Series features as well as designated CME articles, available only for AHA members. Learn more at https://professional.heart.org/membership
    • Share Your Artistic Side: Doodle 4 Circulation
      Like the whimsical depictions of the word “Google” on Google.com, the “Circulation doodle” is a creative depiction of the word “Circulation” based on a theme that changes monthly. The selected doodle is featured on the journal cover, website, and social media sites. Submit your image today! View the monthly themes at www.ahajournals.org/circ/circulation-doodle/LI>
    • Stay Up to Date WITH “Circulation at Major Meetings”
      We understand that you can’t attend every scientific conference. That’s why Circulation offers a quick link to late breaking science and simultaneous publications. Simply select “ Circulation at Major Meetings” under “Features” on the journal’s website menu. www.ahajournals.org/journal/circ
    • Global ECG Challenge: Interesting and puzzling cases from around the world to help readers improve their interpretation skills.
    • Cardiovascular Case Series: A series dedicated to elucidating complex diagnostic and treatment questions in cardiovascular medicine.
    • Research Letters: This section will distill original research findings for fast consumption.
    State-of-the-Art Review Series—For Comprehensive Understanding
    • In-Depth Review: A comprehensive and definitive review of a timely topic of high relevance to the cardiovascular community. Overviews of disease mechanisms, natural history, epidemiology, diagnostic strategies, and treatment approaches will be included in this series.
    • Primer: A focused review of an important area that can be adequately covered in a relatively succinct format, as compared with an In-Depth Review.
    • New Drugs and Devices: A timely and in-depth review of new diagnostic or treatment modalities for cardiovascular disease. Will include reviews of medications, biologics, and devices. Newly approved therapies will be highlighted, in particular, in this series.
    • White Papers: Authoritative reports that inform readers about a complex issue and present the authors’ philosophy on the matter, supported by available evidence and expert opinion. A new framework or paradigm for thinking about a topic or disease entity may be suggested. Articles are intended to help readers understand a complex issue, solve a problem, or make a decision
    Frame of Reference Series — To Stimulate Discussion
    • On My Mind: Brief opinion essays covering a wide range of “hot” topics of relevance to the cardiovascular community. Topics may be provocative or contentious, and content will be will be linked to eComments feature to continue and extend the discussion.
    • Perspective: Brief essays focusing on timely topics in cardiovascular medicine that are evidence-based, formally structured, and not opinion-based.
    • Point/Counterpoint: A brief discussion of a scientific topic from contrasting points of view. These may represent short debates between leading experts, but also may include multiple different perspectives on an important area (or paper) without direct debate.
    • Clinical Implications of Basic Research: A brief overview of an emerging insight or methodology in fundamental molecular research and point to possible implications to cardiovascular clinical medicine. The intent is to inform clinicians regarding emerging scientific methods and discoveries, thereby fostering a dynamic interchange of ideas across the spectrum of cardiovascular research.

  • Review
  • Questions and Answers

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