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    • Journal Nursing Management
      Nursing Management
      The Journal of Excellence in Nursing Leadership: Endorsed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
      12 Issues/year
      USD $112.00
    • Journal Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA)
      Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA)
      Innovations in Healthcare Executive Leadership and Management
      11 Issues/year
      USD $188.00
    • Journal Nurse Educator
      Nurse Educator

      Nurse Educator is the respected, peer-reviewed, resource that nursing faculty and in-service educators turn to for developments and innovations in nursing education. Coverage includes the practice and theory of nursing education, including curriculum and program development, educational philosophy, teaching methods, instructional materials, testing and measurement, and administration.

      Nurse Educator helps readers develop results-oriented approaches for educating students in our changing health-care system. Original articles outline the trends that shape nursing education and provide practical guidance on current issues, and practical applied teaching strategies.

      An individual subscription includes 6 print issues plus full-text online access to all current and back issues.
      Visit the journal online at www.nurseeducatoronline.com

      6 Issues/year
      USD $172.00
    • Journal Professional Case Management
      Professional Case Management
      The Official Journal of the Case Management Society of America
      6 Issues/year
      USD $131.00
    • Journal Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal
      Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal

      Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, Official Journal of the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners (AAENP), is the peer-reviewed journal designed to meet the needs of advanced practice clinicians, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, health care professionals, and clinical and academic educators in emergency nursing. Articles contain evidence-based material that can be applied to daily practice. Continuing Education opportunities are available in each issue. Feature articles focus on in-depth, state-of-the-science content relevant to advanced practice nurses and experienced clinicians in emergency care.

      An individual subscription includes 4 print issues, full-text online access to all current and back issues, as well access to Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal for the iPad! ®.

      Visit the journal online at aenjournal.com

      or more information on AAENP,  please visit aaenp-natl.org

      4 Issues/year
      USD $123.00
    • Journal Nursing Administration Quarterly
      Nursing Administration Quarterly

      Nursing Administration Quarterly (NAQ) is a peer-reviewed journal that provides nursing administrators with practical, up-to-date information on the effective management of nursing services in all health care settings.

      Relied upon by nurse executives for more than 40 years, Nursing Administration Quarterly (NAQ) is the management tool nursing leaders need to thrive in today's turbulent health care environment. Each issue focuses on a selected aspect of nursing administration that offers new opportunities for patient care and institutional leadership in today's fast-evolving health care setting. NAQ offers advice from leading nurse executives and well-known authors; covers cutting-edge management and care-giving trends; suggests solutions to the most difficult administrative challenges; provides the best resources for real-world case management guidance; and presents strategies and tools to enhance leadership skills.


      4 Issues/year
      USD $170.00
    • Journal Journal for Nurses in Professional Development
      Journal for Nurses in Professional Development
      Member Benefit of the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD)
      6 Issues/year
      USD $141.00
    • Book CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management
      CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management
      This comprehensive, expertly-written guide provides those directly or indirectly involved in case management with information about best practices, descriptions of key terms, essential skills, and tools that fulfill the current Case Management Society of America’s (CMSA) standards and requirements. Addressing the full spectrum of  healthcare professional roles and environments, this is both a crucial certification study guide and vital clinical resource for the case management professionals in all specialty areas, from students to veteran case managers.
      This unique resource provides the core knowledge needed for safe, cost-effective case management with the following features …
      • NEW text boxes highlighting key information and vital practices in each chapter
      • NEW and updated Standards of Practice implications in each chapter
      • NEW and updated content on transitions of care, community-based care, care coordination, Value-Based Purchasing, ethics and social media, the impacts of health care reform, and digital technology
      • NEW and updated content on accreditation in case management
      • NEW chapter that lists key additional resources, by topic
      • Official publication of the Case Management Society of America, connecting CMSA core curriculum to current CMSA Standards of Practice
      • Easy-to-grasp, detailed topical outline format for quick scan of topics
      • Complete, updated core knowledge required of case managers, with expert descriptions and direction on areas including:
      • Case management roles, functions, tools, and processes
      • Plans, clinical pathways, and use of technology
      • Transitional planning
      • Utilization management and resource management
      • Leadership skills and concepts
      • Quality and outcomes management; legal and ethical issues
      • Education, training, and certification
      • Health care insurance, benefits, and reimbursement systems
      • Practice settings and throughput
      • Interdisciplinary teams’ needs in: hospitals, community clinics, private practice, acute care, home care, long-term care and rehab settings, palliative care, and hospice settings
      • Up-to-date guidance on case management specialty practices, including: nursing, life care planning, workers’ compensation, disability management, care of the elderly, behavioral health, transitions of care, subacute and long-term care, utilization review/management, primary care and medical/health home, and more
      • Essential content for academic reference, training, certification study, case management models design, performance or program evaluation
      August 19, 2016
      $ 74.99 USD $74.99
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    • Journal Journal of Nursing Care Quality
      Journal of Nursing Care Quality
      The Information Leader in Patient Safety and Quality Care
      4 Issues/year
      USD $154.00
    • Journal Journal of  Healthcare  Management
      Journal of Healthcare Management
      The Journal of Healthcare Management (JHM) is the official journal of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).
      6 Issues/year
      USD $165.00
    • Journal Nursing Education Perspectives
      Nursing Education Perspectives
      The Official Research Journal of National League for Nursing
      6 Issues/year
      USD $120.00
    • Journal Journal of Ambulatory Care Management
      Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

      The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management is a peer-reviewed journal that provides timely, applied information on the most important developments and issues in ambulatory care management.

      The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management (JACM) gives you all the facts and information you need to keep up with this rapidly growing area. Major developments that are reshaping ambulatory care today are examined, evaluated, and explained quarterly in JACM. Each issue examines one topic of interest in depth. Recent issues have focused on information systems, marketing in ambulatory care, legal issues, physician productivity, joint ventures, AIDS, and other important topics of concern. JACM provides a forum for new ideas and timely topics not available in any other publication.

      Website: www.ambulatorycaremanagement.com

      4 Issues/year
      USD $138.00
    • Book COLLABORATE(R) for Professional Case Management
      COLLABORATE(R) for Professional Case Management
      A Universal Competency-Based Paradigm
      May 26, 2015
      $ 76.99 USD $76.99
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    • Book The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Nurse Executive Role
      The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the ...
      Offering real-world guidance and seasoned insight, The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Nurse Executive Role is the first book to offer DNP-trained nurse executives the tools needed to create and manage successful nursing care systems.

      Crucial topics in leadership and personal and organizational success are addressed, using current concrete examples in nursing management. This is a unique, indispensable tool for nursing educators, current nurse executives, and those planning on taking up the nurse executive role. Suitable as a reference for both clinical and classroom use, The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Nurse Executive Role will take seasoned nursing professionals and future leaders of the profession on a an educational journey where they’ll learn . . .

      • Why evidence-based practice is critical to the delivery of quality patient care
      • Tough questions, such as: How can nursing faculty inspire, educate, and empower nurse-executive DNP students?
      • Essential pearls to help you on your journey to successful leadership and management
      • Why implementing the Magnet model makes sense even if your organization does not intend to pursue Magnet status
      • Why healthcare organizations must continually focus on improvement
      • The necessity of organizational transformation to ensure optimal ethical climates
      • How to become an effective delegator
      • How personal self-awareness leads to success
      • How to create an environment that fosters professional sustainability
      • How to use succession planning and management to develop and maintain strong leadership
      December 2, 2014
      $ 76.99 USD $76.99
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    • Book Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing
      Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing
      Theory and Application
      February 1, 2017
      $ 83.99 USD $83.99
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    • Book HQ Solutions
      HQ Solutions
      Resource for the Healthcare Quality Professional
      December 4, 2017
      $ 199.99 USD $199.99
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    • Lippincott CoursePoint for Huston: Leadership Roles and ...

      Lippincott CoursePoint is designed for the way students learn, providing didactic content in context of real-life scenarios—at the exact moments when students are connecting theory to application. Lippincott CoursePoint is a fully integrated learning solution featuring:

      • Leading content in context: Digital content is embedded in our powerful tools, engaging students and encouraging interaction and learning on a deeper level.
      • The complete interactive eBook features annual content updates based on the latest evidence-based practices and provides students with anytime, anywhere access on multiple devices.
      • Full online access to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing ensures students work with the best medical dictionary available.
      • Powerful tools to maximize class performance: Course-specific tools provide experiential  learning for every student:
      • Video Cases help students anticipate what to expect as a nurse, with detailed scenarios that capture their attention and integrate clinical knowledge with community and public health concepts that are critical to real-world nursing practice. By watching the videos and completing related activities, students will flex their problem-solving, prioritizing, analyzing, and application skills to aid both in NCLEX preparation and preparation for practice.
      • Interactive Modules help students quickly identify what they do and do not understand, so they can study smartly. With exceptional instructional design that prompts students to discover, reflect, synthesize, and apply, students actively learn. SmartSense remediation links to the eBook are integrated throughout.
      • Curated collections of journal articles are provided via Lippincott NursingCenter, Wolters Kluwer’s premier destination for peer-reviewed nursing journals. Through integration of CoursePoint and NursingCenter, students can practice using evidence to support their clinical decision making.
      • Data to measure students’ progress: Student performance data provided in an intuitive display lets instructors quickly assess whether students have viewed interactive modules and video cases outside of class as well as see students’ performance on related NCLEX-style quizzes, ensuring students are coming to the classroom ready and prepared to learn.
      $ 120.00 USD $120.00
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    • Prepack Marquis 9e Text; plus Ricci 3e Text Package
      Marquis 9e Text; plus Ricci 3e Text ...
      This package contains the following products:
      • 9781496349798 Marquis Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing, 9e
      • 9781451194005 Ricci Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, 3e
      February 1, 2017
      $ 210.58 USD $210.58
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    • Book Managing and Coordinating Nursing Care
      Managing and Coordinating Nursing Care
      Now in its Fifth Edition, this text is designed to teach nursing students to apply effective decision-making, leadership, delegation, prioritization, and patient management skills to real-world practice situations. With its emphasis on critical thinking and collaborative decision making, this book has been highly successful in building students' problem-solving and management abilities. The book is in full color and has light-hearted illustrations that teach key concepts in a memorable way. Icons highlight legal/ethical, cultural, and safety considerations. Numerous examples and critical thinking exercises illustrate concepts and encourage students to apply what they have learned.
      December 22, 2008
      $ 77.99 USD $77.99
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    • Book Advanced Case Management
      Advanced Case Management
      Outcomes and Beyond
      November 16, 1999
      $ 59.99 USD $59.99
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