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    • Journal Nursing2018
      The Peer-Reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence
      12 Issues/year
      USD $29.90
    • Journal American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
      American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
      The Leading Voice of Nursing Since 1900
      12 Issues/year
      USD $33.90
    • Journal Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
      Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
      Official Journal of the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association and the Australasian Cardiovascular Nurses College
      6 Issues/year
      USD $152.00
    • Book ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Easy! Workout
      ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Easy! Workout

      ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Easy! Workout features scores of lifelike ECG strips and over 250 enjoyable practice exercises to help readers master ECG interpretation. A perfect companion to ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy!, this workbook uses the light-hearted Incredibly Easy! writing style that makes learning and reviewing complex information less threatening and more fun.

      Chapters test the reader's knowledge of essential ECG topics, including ECG fundamentals, arrhythmia interpretation, arrhythmia treatment, and 12-lead ECGs. Readers maneuver through a variety of practice exercises that will suit different learning styles, including labeling, placing graphic procedure steps in sequence, crossword puzzles, and matching games. Nurse Joy and other host characters offer coaching and encouragement.

      February 27, 2008
      $ 29.99 USD $29.99
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    • Journal Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention (JCRP): Research and Advances in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Prevention and Rehabilitation
      Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention (JCRP): ...
      Official Journal of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation
      6 Issues/year
      USD $205.00
    • Hypertension Model
      Hypertension Model
      The effects of hypertension are depicted in this model.  Five miniature models show the structures which may be affected by hypertension.  Includes:
      brain - ischemia, infarction, hemorrage
      eye - retinopathy, hemorrage, retinal edema
      heart - coronary artery disease, ischemia, MI
      kidney - nephrosclerosis, arterislsclerosis, ischemia
      artery  - atherosclerosis, blood clot, narrowed lumen  
      Includes a patient education card with labeled pathologies and explanation of the problems associated with hypertension.
      Model : 11” tall  (models are reduced size)
      Card size: 6-1/4” x 8-1/4”
      Base: 6-1/2" x 5"

      For more information, see our chart Understanding Hypertension
      January 4, 2006
      $ 119.99 USD $119.99
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    • Book Manual interactivo de auscultación cardiaca y respiratoria
      Manual interactivo de auscultación cardiaca y respiratoria
      Manual básico de exploración cardiaca y respiratoria enfocado a estudiantes de medicina y que les lleva de la mano en el aprendizaje y reconocimiento de los fenómenos auscultatorios normales y patológicos.
      La obra cubre desde los principios básicos de la auscultación y de la anatomía y fisiología cardiacas así cómo la descripción básica de los ruidos cardiacos y su correlación electrocardiográfica tanto fisiológica como patológica. Además incluye los fenómenos auscultatorios de la mecánica y fisiología ventilatoria en condiciones normales y patológicas.
      Esta obra proporciona los conocimientos básicos para que el estudiante adquiera las habilidades indispensables de auscultación de estos dos transcendentales sistemas. 

      Características principales:
      • La obra se divide en 20 capítulos
      • Cuenta con 96 audios descriptivos adicionales que se pondrán a disposición en ESPAÑOL.
      • Cuenta con otros auxiliares del aprendizaje como: preguntas de autoevaluación previo a la lectura del capítulo y posteriores a la misma junto con sus respuestas.
      • .
      June 29, 2016
      $ 44.00 USD $44.00
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    • Book Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!
      Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!
      Get the vital basics of cardiovascular care, with the expert direction and clear-cut images of the freshly updated Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!™, 3rd Edition.
      Let this colorful, down-to-earth text guide you smoothly through essential skills, concepts, and equipment how-to’s, including physical assessments, diagnostic tests, cardiac monitoring, and handling emergencies and complications. Get ready for success in both the classroom and with patient care; the clear explanations, Incredibly Visual™ humor, and numerous illustrations make this the enjoyable way to learn positive, effective cardiac care.
      Master the fundamental concepts, skills, and processes of cardiac care …
      • NEW and updated guidance on the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) algorithms, with step-by-step direction on handling emergency situations
      • NEW end-of-chapter selected readings that support evidence-based learning
      • Hundreds of colorful imagesthatbring complex cardiovascular care concepts to life—drawings, charts, photos, and diagrams explaining and reinforcing key cardiovascular concepts in easy-to-follow ways
      • Ideal reference and review for nursing students, new nurses, and other healthcare practitioners—detailed visuals and clear, concise explanations to help you master cardiovascular anatomy, and physiology and effective treatments and interventions
      • Perfect for visual learners—numerous images that demonstrate skills and interventions in easy-to-follow ways, including:
        • Essential cardiovascular anatomy and physiology
        • Physical assessment techniques
        • Diagnostic tests
        • Common disorders
        • ECG interpretation, including rhythm strip analysis, the 8-step method, and arrhythmias
        • Cardiac monitoring methods, including handling monitor problems
        • Hemodynamic monitoring
        • Handling complications
        • Treatments and interventions
        • Emergency procedures
      • Excellent teaching aid—visual, step-by-step instruction applied to real-life patient care scenarios, backed by expert clinical tips
      • Perfect supplement to medical-surgical texts on cardiovascular care, clarifying complex concepts
      • Chapter features:
        • Just the facts—quick summary of chapter content
        • Vision Quest—End-of-Chapter games that help you match words, concepts, and photos to reinforce key learning points
        • “Nurse Joy and Jake” —Practical advice and expert insights offered throughout
        • Memory jogger—simple techniques for remembering vital information
      About the Clinical Editor

      Mary Ann Siciliano McLaughlin EdD, RN, is Assistant Professor and Program Director of the Accelerated BSN Program at Gwynedd Mercy University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      January 31, 2018
      $ 50.99 USD $50.99
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    • Book Colección Lippincott Enfermería. Un enfoque práctico y conciso: Cuidados cardiovasculares
      Colección Lippincott Enfermería. Un enfoque práctico y ...
      Cuidados cardiovasculares forma parte de la serie Colección Lippincott Enfermería. Un enfoque práctico y conciso, caracterizada por presentar de forma divertida, atractiva y visual, temas alta complejidad en la enseñanza de enfermería. El objetivo del presente título es ofrecer los conceptos, habilidades y procesos fundamentales del cuidado cardíaco. Comprende habilidades, conceptos y equipamiento esenciales, exploración físicas, pruebas diagnósticas, control cardíaco y manejo de emergencias y complicaciones.
      • Guía nueva y actualizada sobre los algoritmos de soporte vital avanzado cardíaco, con instrucciones paso a paso para situaciones de emergencia.
      • Centenares de imágenes a todo color para conceptos complejos.
      • Fisiología y anatomía cardiovascular.
      • Cobertura de los trastornos más comunes.
      • Instrucciones paso a paso de situaciones reales de atención al paciente.
      • Suplemento perfecto a los textos medicoquirúrgicos enfocado en atención cardiovascular.
      July 15, 2018
      $ 29.00 USD $29.00
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    • Four-Piece Artery Model
      Four-Piece Artery Model

      A useful model of a cross-sectioned artery showing the progression of atherosclerosis in which the narrowing of the artery is due to a build up of fatty tissue (cholesterol) and plaque.
      The stages that may cause a decrease in blood flow, which can lead to a blood clot or thrombus are illustrated in the following 4 artery cross-sections:
        normal artery with no disease
        fatty streak
        fibrous plaque
      All stages rotate on hinge pin, model does not disassemble.
      This model does not have a base
      Includes an illustrated patient education card with structures labeled and stages described.

      Model size: 1-3/8” dia. x 7/8”  (1 cross-section)
      Card size: 6-1/2” x 5-1/4”


      December 7, 2007
      $ 58.99 USD $58.99
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    • Mini Heart Set Models
      Mini Heart Set Models

      A set of 3 one-half life size hearts shows a normal heart compared to a heart with myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure.  Each heart is sectioned to show the inner chambers and the disorder.  

      The first heart shows normal heart anatomy
      The second heart represents myocardial infarction (MI) - shows a partially healed, thinned, and discolored infarcted area and
         a thrombus (blood clot)  in the apex of the heart.
      The third heart demonstrates congestive heart failure (CHF) as a result of hypertension. A thickened myocardium and  the 
          enlarged and distorted shape of the heart is shown both internally and externally. 

      The anterior of each heart is vividly painted to show:
      superior vena cava
      cardiac arteries and veins
      pulmonary arteries and veins
      right and left auricle
      The areas of myocardial infarction and CHF are indicated on the anterior of the diseased hearts

      Includes an illustrated patient education card with structures and areas of disease labeled (card may be affixed to base) 
      Models may be removed from base.
      This model contains three hearts. All models are approximately 50% actual size.
      Normal heart : 4" x 2-14" x 1-3/4"
      MI heart: 4" x 2-1/4 " x 1-3/4"
      CHF heart : 4"  x 2-1/2" x 2-1/4 "
      Card size: 8-1/4” x 6-1/4”

      For more informaion see our charts: Cardiovascular Disease  ISBN 978 158779 8412
                                                                         Heart Disease  ISBN  978 078177 3386
                                                                         Heart Conditions  ISBN 978 158779 8832


      December 7, 2007
      $ 104.99 USD $104.99
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    • Book ECG Facts Made Incredibly Quick!
      ECG Facts Made Incredibly Quick!
      Updated with new treatments and algorithms, ECG Facts Made Incredibly Quick! Second Edition provides instant access to information that every nurse needs for safe patient care. The book fits comfortably into a pocket, and the wipeable page surface allows nurses to write notes and remove them easily. Coverage includes basic electrocardiography including cardiac conduction, lead placement, and heart rate calculation; rhythm strip interpretation; causes, signs and symptoms, interventions, and treatment for arrhythmias; 12-lead and 15-lead ECG interpretation; ECG changes with angina, MI, pericarditis, and bundle branch block; and antiarrhythmic drugs, pacemakers, and ICDs. Scores of ECG waveforms, treatment algorithms, and charts are included. Distinctive-colored tabs identify each section.
      August 28, 2009
      $ 32.99 USD $32.99
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    • Book AHA Clinical Cardiac Consult
      AHA Clinical Cardiac Consult

      Authored by members of the American Heart Association's Clinical Cardiology Council, The AHA Clinical Cardiac Consult, Third Edition is the perfect source of fast, reliable guidance on diagnosis and management of both common and rare cardiovascular problems. It covers more than 170 problems, diseases, syndromes, and chief complaints in the popular, easy-to-read, two-page 5-Minute Consult format, which includes basic information, diagnosis, treatment, medication, follow-up, ICD-9 codes and patient teaching information. This thoroughly updated edition includes additional topics covering exercise and the heart, coronary arteries from opposite sinus, and perioperative cardiac care for noncardiac surgery along with updated references.

      This edition will also be online at 5-Minute Consult.com and will be available for mobile devices.

      $ 102.99 USD $102.99
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    • Book ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guide
      ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guide

      The latest spinoff of the Incredibly Easy! Series®, the Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guides are compact, carry-anywhere references that use stunning full-color photos and illustrations and brief, easy-to-read text to present must-know clinical concepts. Ideally suited for visual learners, the information is easy to learn and recall because the visual images leave a lasting impression, and most topics are covered on a two-page spread.

      ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guide presents the basics of interpreting various rhythm types such as sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular, and AV blocks. Coverage includes must-know information on ECG changes in specific cardiac disorders such as myocardial infarction, in electrolyte imbalances, and with a pacemaker. Interpretation tips and life-threatening arrhythmias are highlighted throughout.

      June 26, 2009
      $ 41.99 USD $41.99
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    • Chart-Paper Heart Conditions
      Heart Conditions

      This chart contains a large image of a normal heart for easy comparison with important cardiac conditions. It visually and textually describes heart murmurs, cardiac arrhythmias, congenital heart defects, acquired heart defects, and high cholesterol and its consequences. Specifically, Heart Conditions:

      • Defines heart murmurs and their causes. Shows coarctation of the aorta, ventricular septal defect, and mitral valve prolapse.
      • Describes common cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal heart rates and rhythms)—tachycardia, bradycardia, atrial fibrillation, and ventricular arrhythmias. Shows the sites of common cardiac arrhythmias by section of the heart: sinus node, ventricular, atrial and junctional arrhythmias, as well as atrioventricular (AV) blocks.
      • Defines and shows the following common congenital (present at birth) defects: patent ductus arteriosus, atrial septal defect, and ventricular septal defect.
      • Textually and visually shows acquired heart defects—myocarditis, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and Kawaski's disease.
      • Describes high cholesterol, coronary heart disease (CAD), and hypertension (high blood pressure). Shows how cholesterol is transported in the blood, the structure of a typical lipoprotein (which carries the cholesterol throughout the body), and the consequence of high cholesterol: atherosclerosis, plaque clogged arteries.

      Made in the USA.
      Available in the following versions :    

      •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9781587798832
      •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9781587798825
      •  19-3/4" x 26"  latex free plastic styrene                                                ISBN  9781587798849
      October 18, 2004
      $ 12.99 USD $12.99
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    • Occluded Artery Model
      Occluded Artery Model

      Larger than life transparent model of an artery shows a constricted passage clogged with plaque. Turning the model shows the difficulty that red blood cells have flowing through an artery with atherosclerosis.
      The model allows the viewer to peer inside an oversized artery and witness a grim series of events. First, blood cells struggle to flow through the artery which is clogged with thick, butter-colored plaque. As blood flow decreases, more blood cells pile up in the ever-narrowing gap. Finally, the cells stop moving altogether. It's a sobering reminder of the importance of cholesterol control.  size: 2 1/2" x 7". Manufactured by WRS Group/Health Edco.

      January 11, 2005
      $ 84.99 USD $84.99
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    • Book Cardiac Nursing
      Cardiac Nursing

      This publication is included on the ANCC: American Nurses Credentialing Center’s reference list.

      Cardiac Nursing is recognized as "The Red Reference Book" for nurses caring for patients who have, or are at risk for developing, cardiac diseases. The book provides both basic and advanced content in evidence-based care and emphasizes health promotion, health maintenance, and disease management. The five-part organization consists of anatomy and physiology; physiologic and pathophysiologic responses; assessment of heart disease; pathophysiology of heart disease; and health promotion and disease prevention.

      This edition has a new Global Perspective feature in most chapters, which reflects the rich cultural mix of patient populations and helps to determine appropriate care. A new chapter on Global Health reflects WHO commitments to reducing heart disease worldwide.

      September 25, 2009
      $ 112.99 USD $112.99
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    • Book Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy
      Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy
      Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

      Does your heart skip a beat every time you think about the complexities of providing cardio care? Well, not anymore!

      Written in the award-winning Incredibly Easy! style, this completely updated Third Edition of Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy is the ideal reference for those entering or needing a refresher in cardiovascular nursing care.

      This one-of-a-kind book brings together the broad knowledge nurses need to be confident in cardiovascular care, including cardiovascular anatomy and physiology; assessment; diagnostic testing; hemodynamic monitoring; electrocardiogram performance and interpretation; medications; synchronized cardioversion; care of patients with IABP counterpulsation, ICDs, pacemakers, and VADs; and preoperative and postoperative care for patients with MIDCAB, CABG, and balloon angioplasty.

      If you are still learning, Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy will help you master complex subjects in minutes with special elements found throughout the text to make it easy to understand and remember key points and information, including:
      • Clear, concise descriptions of every procedure and concept
      • Tips from other cardiovascular nurses on how to perform care
      • Key information about adapting your care to a home environment
      • Memory aids and chapter quizzes to promote recall of important information

      Written by nurses and for nurses, Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy, 3rd edition, will help you conquer the toughest-to-learn topics in nursing
      April 9, 2014
      $ 50.99 USD $50.99
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    • Book Auscultation Skills
      Auscultation Skills
      Breath & Heart Sounds
      November 11, 2013
      $ 66.99 USD $66.99
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    • Book Core Curriculum for Vascular Nursing
      Core Curriculum for Vascular Nursing
      An Official Publication of the Society for Vascular Nursing (SVN)
      June 30, 2014
      $ 132.99 USD $132.99
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