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    • Journal Nursing2018
      The Peer-Reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence
      12 Issues/year
      USD $29.90
    • Journal American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
      American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
      The Leading Voice of Nursing Since 1900
      12 Issues/year
      USD $33.90
    • Book Scope of Practice
      Scope of Practice

      Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

      The Scope of Practice for Academic Nurse Educators 2012 Revision is the definitive text for outlining the academic nurse educator role. The 2012 revision of The Scope of Practice for Academic Nurse Educators provides the definition, historical perspective, values and beliefs, theoretical framework, scope of practice, and competencies or standards of practice of academic nursing education as established by The National League for Nursing Certification Commission Certification Test Development Committee. For this revision, The National League for Nursing conducted a nurse educator practice analysis, identifying changes in the job-related responsibilities of the nurse faculty role. The results of the practice analysis resulted in revisions to the nurse educator certification test blueprint. The Scope of Practice for Academic Nurse Educators 2012 Revision is an essential text for aspiring Certified Nurse Educators and academic nurse educators at every level.

      September 19, 2012
      $ 19.95 USD $19.95
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    • Book Phlebotomy Essentials
      Phlebotomy Essentials
      Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

      Easily transition from classroom to clinic with Phlebotomy Essentials, sixth edition, by Ruth McCall and Cathee Tankersley. Fully revised with the most recent CLSI guidelines, including new venipuncture standards, this exciting new edition will help you prepare for phlebotomy practice today.
      Throughout the book, updates reflect the newest changes in the way today’s students learn along with the way today’s phlebotomists work. An updated art program showcases new technology. New content on diversity awareness highlights the needs of today’s clinical settings. New case studies train you to think critically and apply their learning.
      With the option of a workbook, exam review book, and PrepU adaptive quizzing software, this book represents the cornerstone of successful preparation for a career in phlebotomy. 
      May 12, 2015
      $ 87.99 USD $87.99
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    • Book Lippincott Nursing Procedures
      Lippincott Nursing Procedures
      Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

      This start-to-finish guide includes over 400 nursing procedures--from basic to advanced.

      Every entry lists equipment, details each step to perform right at the bedside, and provides rationales and cautions to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes. Organized alphabetically for fast, easy access, the 7th Edition of Lippincott Nursing Procedures addresses what the nurse needs to know and do to perform best-practice procedures concerning infection control, specimen collection, physical assessment, drug administration, IV therapy, and hemodynamic monitoring, as well as procedures related to body systems, such as chest tube insertion, peripheral nerve stimulation, and intra-abdominal pressure monitoring.

      Thoroughly updated, this edition also includes new evidence-based entries on synchronized cardioversion, gait belt use, intermittent infusion device flushing and locking, isolation garb use, nasal bridal insertion and removal, pneumatic antishock garment application and removal, self-medication administration practice, and weaning a patient from a ventilator.

      With clear, step-by-step guidelines and hundreds of sidebars, photos, illustrations, and eye-catching alerts (Nursing Alerts, Pediatric, Elder, Hospital-Acquired Condition Alerts), you'll find the level of detail required to provide optimal hands-on patient care. Packed with pre- and postprocedure nursing considerations, warnings about potential complications, troubleshooting tips, and other helpful advice, this go-to reference provides everything you need to do your job confidently and well, whether you are beginning your nursing career, learning a new skill, or brushing up on a familiar technique.
      October 9, 2015
      $ 79.99 USD $79.99
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    • Book Student Workbook for Phlebotomy Essentials
      Student Workbook for Phlebotomy Essentials

      Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

      An invaluable companion to Phlebotomy Essentials sixth edition, this Student Workbook helps you quickly master the principles of phlebotomy and apply them in practice. The workbook offers a broad variety of revised and updated exercises and tools that make it engaging and easy to master all the key concepts and procedures covered in the companion textbook. Moreover, it enhances your critical thinking skills, preparing you to successfully manage all the challenges you may face on the job as a professional phlebotomist.

      This edition features knowledge-building activities, enabling every type of learner to easily master all aspects of phlebotomy practice.

      May 12, 2015
      $ 38.99 USD $38.99
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    • Book Skill Checklists for Fundamentals of Nursing
      Skill Checklists for Fundamentals of Nursing
      The Art and Science of Person-Centered Nursing Care
      October 2, 2014
      $ 35.99 USD $35.99
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    • Book Phlebotomy Exam Review
      Phlebotomy Exam Review

      Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

      Phlebotomy Exam Review helps you prepare for any of the national certification exams in phlebotomy and follows the latest accreditation guidelines of both the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) and the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI). Great as an accompaniment to Phlebotomy Essentials, a definitive text outlining how to safely and effectively practice phlebotomy, or as a stand-alone resource, this exam review is full of tools to help you succeed.

      Inside you'll find hundreds of multiple-choice questions—formatted just like the questions on the national exams—to test your knowledge of current phlebotomy theory and practice.

      May 13, 2015
      $ 78.99 USD $78.99
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    • Book Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy
      Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy
      The action-packed reference that takes the stress out of
      learning about wound care—and makes it incredibly easy!
      Confused by the complexities of wound care?
      Worried about doing assessments and procedures correctly?
      Let Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy! be your guide!
      Tackle the fundamentals of wound care the fun way!
      Get all the basics on wound care—the fundamental skills and science you need, in easy-to-remember ways, including:
      ·         Skin anatomy and physiology in easy-to-follow terms
      ·         Basic wound care assessment, procedures, monitoring, and long-term care
      ·         The stages of wound healing
      ·         Wound and skin assessment tool
      Expert insight and step-by-step direction!
      Get the complete how-to on essential nursing procedures, including:
      ·         Quick guide to wound care dressings, with dressing type, indications, and products
      ·         Prevention, staging, and management of pressure ulcers
      ·         Interventions for diabetic, arterial, vascular, and venous ulcers
      ·         Infection control, patient-teaching tips, pain management, and more
      Wound care made easy!
      This is the wound care book you’ve been looking for—the basics in simple terms, packed with humor and real-life examples.
      Practical illustrations throughout focus on helping you learn with ease:
      o    Just the facts – An outline of chapter content at the start of every chapter
      o    Memory joggers – Simple tricks for remembering crucial info
      o    Stay on the ball – Possible dangers, risks, complications and safety measures
      o    Take note! – Tips on documenting patient info
      o    Dress for success - Tips for choosing and using wound dressings
      o    Get wise to wounds - Pointers on doing wound assessments, wound care procedures, and patient teaching
      o    Handle with care - Unique wound care needs of pediatric, geriatric, and bariatric patients
      o   Quick Quiz – Multiple-choice questions (and answers) at end of every chapter
      August 17, 2015
      $ 50.99 USD $50.99
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    • Hand Hygiene
       This new chart provides accurate and easy-to-understand instruction on sanitizing hands in the health care workplace.
      It is a valuable resource for everyone who works with patients, comes in contact with sick people or wants to prevent the spread of infection. 
      Covers why hand hygiene is so important and when to practice hand hygiene. Clear illustrations and text show and describe both hand rubbing and
      hand washing techniques. Also contains reminders and tips. 

      Size 20" x 26"
      Laminated with 2 grommets at top for easy hanging
      made in USA
      November 22, 2013
      $ 21.99 USD $21.99
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    • Book Nursing Procedures Made Incredibly Easy!
      Nursing Procedures Made Incredibly Easy!
      Perform nursing procedures safely and accurately, with the freshly updated Nursing Procedures Made Incredibly Easy, Second Edition. Written in the popular, lighthearted Incredibly Easy style, this comprehensive guide offers expert, step-by-step direction on a broad range of fundamental and system-based nursing procedures. This enjoyable way to learn nursing’s best practices will help you stay up-to-date with the latest in technology, nursing standards, NCLEX preparation, and safe, quality care.
      ·         NEW and updated content offers:
      o    crucial patient care methods
      o    current nursing practice guidelines
      o    directions for using the latest medical technology
      o    directions for ensuring patient safety and providing quality care
      ·         Coverage of topics including:
      o    Fundamental nursing procedures - Easy-to-follow algorithms for a patient’s entire hospital stay, from intake to discharge, including surgical care
      o    Specimen collection - Clear directions on collecting blood, urine, and other specimens
      o    Physical treatments - Techniques for heat and cold application, baths, support devices, wound care, drug administration, I.V. therapy, and more
      o    System-based procedures - Directions on procedures for all body systems
      ·         Clear direction to meet the needs of your maternal, neonatal, and pediatric patients
      ·         Easy-to-follow format for each procedure - Quick-skim paragraphs and bulleted lists specify equipment, step-by-step instructions, and practice pointers
      ·         Nursing procedures guides such as comparing biological dressings and assessing pressure ulcers
      ·         Special features:
      o    Just the facts – Outline of chapter content at start of every chapter
      o    Write it down - Essential documentation points for each procedure
      o    Ages and stages – Issues where patient’s age impacts a procedure
      o    Handle with care - Patient care tips for elderly, pediatric, and bariatric patients
      o    Memory joggers – Simple tricks for remembering complex concepts
      o    Warning - Possible dangers, risks, complications, or contraindications associated with a particular procedure
      o    Quick Quiz – Questions & Answers at the end of every chapter
      October 5, 2015
      $ 50.99 USD $50.99
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    • Book Enfermería fácil. Cuidado y atención de heridas
      Enfermería fácil. Cuidado y atención de heridas
      Cuidado y atención de heridas forma parte de la serie Enfermería Fácil, caracterizada por presentar de forma divertida, atractiva y visual, temas alta complejidad en la enseñanza de enfermería. El presente título constituye una perfecta guía para el aprendizaje del cuidado de heridas, un área dinámica, en constante cambio y que mezcla especialidades y grupos de edad. En un estilo conversacional y amigable, se cubren aspectos tanto teóricos como prácticos del manejo de heridas. En los primeros capítulos se revisa la anatomía básica de la piel y la fisiología, para proporcionar una comprensión clara de la etiología de diversas heridas agudas y no agudas. Los capítulos siguientes, centrados en el tratamiento de heridas, se construyen con base en esta comprensión teórica, lo que permite al practicante aplicar cuidados basados en la evidencia. El abordaje de las heridas incluye valoración, procedimientos, monitorización y cuidados a largo plazo. También se abordan las fases de cicatrización de las heridas.

      Características principales:
      • Numerosas tablas, diagramas de flujo, ilustraciones y caricaturas divertidas para ayudar en la retención de la información y mejorar el aprendizaje.
      • Insertos a todo color al final del libro para explicar conceptos complejos.
      • Elementos gráficos a lo largo de los capítulos que facilitan el aprendizaje: resúmenes al principio de cada capítullo; trucos para recordar información clave; consejos para elegir y utilizar apósitos; posibles peligros, riesgos, complicaciones y medidas de seguridad; consejos sobre documentación del paciente; consejos para la evaluación de la herida, los procedimientos de cuidado de heridas y la enseñanza al paciente; y necesidades de cuidado especial para heridas en pacientes pediátricos, geriátricos y bariátricos.
      • Preguntas y respuestas razonadas al final de cada capítulo.

      May 25, 2016
      $ 27.00 USD $27.00
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    • Book Manual interactivo de auscultación cardiaca y respiratoria
      Manual interactivo de auscultación cardiaca y respiratoria
      Manual básico de exploración cardiaca y respiratoria enfocado a estudiantes de medicina y que les lleva de la mano en el aprendizaje y reconocimiento de los fenómenos auscultatorios normales y patológicos.
      La obra cubre desde los principios básicos de la auscultación y de la anatomía y fisiología cardiacas así cómo la descripción básica de los ruidos cardiacos y su correlación electrocardiográfica tanto fisiológica como patológica. Además incluye los fenómenos auscultatorios de la mecánica y fisiología ventilatoria en condiciones normales y patológicas.
      Esta obra proporciona los conocimientos básicos para que el estudiante adquiera las habilidades indispensables de auscultación de estos dos transcendentales sistemas. 

      Características principales:
      • La obra se divide en 20 capítulos
      • Cuenta con 96 audios descriptivos adicionales que se pondrán a disposición en ESPAÑOL.
      • Cuenta con otros auxiliares del aprendizaje como: preguntas de autoevaluación previo a la lectura del capítulo y posteriores a la misma junto con sus respuestas.
      • .
      June 29, 2016
      $ 44.00 USD $44.00
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    • Prepack Lynn CoursePoint 4e, Taylor CoursePoint 8e, LWW DocuCare 24 Month Plus Bucholz Med Math Package
      Lynn CoursePoint 4e, Taylor CoursePoint 8e, LWW ...
      This package contains the following products:
      • 9781451186154 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins DocuCare, 24 Month
      • 9781496322401 Taylor Lippincott CoursePoint+ for Fundamentals of Nursing 8e
      • 9781496323828 Lynn CoursePoint for Taylor's Clinical Nursing Skills 4e
      • 9781496358875 Buchholz Henke's Med-Math, North American Edition 8e
      Lippincott CoursePoint is the only digital curriculum solution for nursing education. CoursePoint provides a completely integrated and adaptive experience, all geared to help students understand, retain, and apply their course knowledge and be prepared for practice. CoursePoint is structured in the way that students study, providing them the content exactly where and when they need it for a more effective learning experience.
      May 7, 2016
      $ 721.98 USD $721.98
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    • Book Enfermería clínica de Taylor
      Enfermería clínica de Taylor
      Obra pensada para el estudiante de enfermería, que abarca todas las actividades y destrezas necesarias para la la práctica de su profesión. Dividido en tres partes, en todo el texto el paciente es el centro de todas las actividades de aprendizaje. A partir del mismo se plantean y describen todas las tareas propias del profesional de enfermería, desde el contacto inicial y el desarrollo de las competencias más básicas hasta los protocolos y cuidados más complejos.

      Características principales:
      • Enfoque tipo atlas.
      • Consideraciones específicas a tener en cuenta en los cuidados de enfermería relativos al paciente infantil, adolescente o adulto.
      • Objetivos de aprendizaje.
      • Listado de términos clave al principio de cada capítulo.
      • Conciso y sin redundancias para centrar de la mejor manera la atención del lector.
      • El proceso enfermero se presenta integrando las responsabilidades en cada uno de los cinco pasos tradicionales: valoración, diagnóstico, identificación y planificación, implementación y evaluación, así como documentación.
      • Competencias relacionadas explicadas paso a paso.
      • Cada acción se acompaña de fundamentos científicos que soportan los cuidados de enfermería.
      • Alertas de enfermería que llaman la atención de la información esencial.
      • Iconos de Higiene de las manos que alertan sobre este paso vital en los cuidsdfos.
      • Directrices para la identificación del paciente, paso esencial que garantiza el derecho del paciente a recibir la intervención y ayuda adecuadas para prevenir errores.
      • Directrices de documentación que dirigen a los estudiantes en la documentación precisa de la competencia y sus resultados.
      • Variaciones de la competencia que proporciona instrucciones claras para las diferencias en el equipo o la técnica.
      • Iconos a lo largo de toda la obra para un mayor estudio y que dirigen al estudiante a los recursos en línea.
      • Recursos al final de cada capítulo para una revisión del contenido.
      February 24, 2017
      $ 95.00 USD $95.00
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    • Book Lippincott Visual Nursing
      Lippincott Visual Nursing
      A Guide to Clinical Diseases, Skills, and Treatments
      February 9, 2018
      $ 71.99 USD $71.99
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    • Book Portable RN
      Portable RN
      The All-in-One Nursing Reference
      February 23, 2010
      $ 61.99 USD $61.99
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    • Injection Teaching Model
      Injection Teaching Model

      This teaching model provides a soft  flesh-like surface for the practice of intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection techniques. The durable BIOLIKE 2™ material can be punctured repeatedly without showing holes.  Injection of liquid is not recommended.  Includes a carrying case.
      Size; 6" x 4-1/2" x 1-/12"

      March 31, 2004
      $ 139.99 USD $139.99
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    • Book Fluids & Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy! Australia and New Zealand Edition
      Fluids & Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy! Australia ...
      Give yourself a leg up!

      This handy reference puts fluids and electrolytes into perspective! Part 1 helps you balance the basics of fluids and electrolytes, providing important recurring concepts. Part 2 covers specific imbalances like sodium, calcium, phosphorus and chloride imbalances, and metabolic and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis. Disorders that cause imbalances, like heart of respiratory failure, excessive GI fluid loss and burns, are detailed in Part 3, and Part 4 deals with IV fluid replacement and parenteral nutrition.

      Incredibly easy to learn!

      • Uh-oh! highlights dangeous signs and symptoms
      • It’s not working helps you identify alternative interventions for unexpected outcomes
      • Chart Smart lists vital documentation
      • Ages and Stages pinpoint paefiatric and geriatric issues to watch for
      • Memory Joggers help you understand and remember difficult concepts
      • Quick Quizzes test your knowledge and give you instant feedback on your learning
      December 14, 2012
      $ 20.23 USD $20.23
    • Book Auscultation Skills
      Auscultation Skills
      Breath & Heart Sounds
      November 11, 2013
      $ 66.99 USD $66.99
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