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    • Book Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy! Australia and New Zealand Edition
      Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy! Australia and ...
       Conquer Dosage Calculations!

      Packed with valuable information, this reference helps you put two and two together! It gives you:

      • All the basics on fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions and measurement systems  
      •  Key information on parenteral, oral and rectal drug administration
      • Essential information on documentation and what constitutes a legal prescription
      • Specific chapters on preventing drug errors, and considerations for paediatric, obstetric and critical care patients 

      Fabulous features!

      Five-star features help you to review your skills by highlighting important information and key concepts:

      • Before you give that drug! contains urgent advice on how to avoid dangerous drug errors
      • Advice from the experts provides pointers on how to maintain dosage accuracy
      • For maths phobics only gives helpful hints, tips and illustrations to help you overcome ‘I hate maths’ hurdles
      • Memory joggers and Quick Quizzes simplify concepts and reinforce learning
      Adapted from the popular Made Incredibly Easy! series this text includes relevant language, references, legislation and measurements for the Australian New Zealand marketplace.
      October 1, 2012
      $ 20.23 USD $20.23
    • Book Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy
      Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy
      Calculate correct dosages with safety and confidence, with the easy-to-follow nursing expertise of Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy! 5th edition. This fully illustrated guide offers the complete how-to on calculating dosages for all drug forms and administration routes, with numerous practice exercises and seasoned guidance on interpreting drug orders accurately. Understand class materials more fully, get ready for the NCLEX or certification exam, or refresh your calculation skills with this enjoyable, colorful text.

      Your Incredible Easy editors know from experience that learning the basics isn't always easy so you'll find full coverage of topics including:
      o math basics such as fractions, decimals, and percentages
      o measurement systems and conversions
      o calculating oral, topical, liquid, and rectal drug dosages
      o calculating parenteral injections and IV infusions
      o calculating pediatric, obstetric, and critical care dosages
      o recording drug administration

      An easy-reference format with clearly worded, bulleted content demonstrated with numerous photos, illustrations, and diagrams will give you step-by-step direction on:
      o calculating dosages of all kinds o starting an infusion, including IV guidelines
      o choosing administration equipment
      o dealing with poor handwriting
      o understanding medication labels and drug abbreviations
      o avoiding common drug errors

      Plus, you'll get all of the learning aids, tips, and tricks that nurses have come to expect from the books in the Incredibly Easy series:
      • Full-color inserts include: improving patient safety by using infusion devices; the anatomy of a medication label
      • Appendices include: multiple choice Q&A; drug therapy conversions chart; dosage calculation formulas table; glossary with key terms and definitions
      • Before you give that drug! – Crucial advice on avoiding medication errors
      • Advice from the experts – Tips on ensuring accurate dosages
      • For math phobics only – Hints, tips, and drawings to help you dissolve math obstacles
      • Dosage drill - Real-life clinical dosage situations to practice your calculation skills on
      • Memory jogger - Fortifies content with easy-to-remember tips and formulas
      • Quick quiz - Questions with answers/explanations at end of every chapter to help you remember vital points
      November 6, 2015
      $ 50.99 USD $50.99
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    • Book Enfermería fácil. Cálculo y administración de medicamentos
      Enfermería fácil. Cálculo y administración de medicamentos
      Cálculo de dosis forma parte de la serie Enfermería Fácil, caracterizada por presentar de forma divertida, atractiva y visual, temas alta complejidad en la enseñanza de enfermería. El título presente constituye una guía exhaustiva e ideal para el aprendizaje y la práctica en el complejo ámbito del cálculo de dosificaciones. De forma ordenada, esquematizada, ampliamente ilustrada y a todo color, ofrece recursos para el cálculo y la preparación segura de todas las formas farmacéuticas y vías de administración, con numerosos ejercicios prácticos. Dividido en seis partes, las tres primeras cubren matemática básica, sistemas métricos, cuestiones legales y documentación, empleo de abreviaturas, y prevención de errores y seguridad del paciente. Las tres restantes se centran en las diferentes vías de administración (oral, rectal, tópica y parenteral), e incluye también un capítulo con consideraciones especiales para pacientes pediátricos, obstétricos y críticos.

      Características principales:
      • Abarca matemática básica: fracciones, decimales, porcentajes y proporciones.
      • Incluye información clave en la dosificación de medicamentos, como prevención de errores, identificación de abreviaturas complejas y lectura de etiquetas de medicamentos.
      • Simplifica tópicos complejos y los explica de un modo sencillo a través de problemas de la vida real y centenares de ejemplos que ilustran técnicas para llevar a cabo cálculos complejos.
      • Gráficos y ejercicios rápidos para reforzar el aprendizaje.
      • Consejos para evitar errores graves en la dosificación de medicamentos.
      • Consejos prácticos de profesionales con experiencia.
      • Preguntas y respuestas razonadas al final de cada capítulo.
      • Insertos a todo color que incluyen: seguridad del paciente mediante el uso de dispositivos de infusión, y la estructura habitual de las etiquetas de medicamentos.
      • Apéndices que incluyen: preguntas y respuestas, conversiones, fórmulas, glosario de términos y deficiones clave.
      May 25, 2016
      $ 28.00 USD $28.00
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