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    • Prepack Mohr Text & 2e Lab Experiences; Lacher Text; Sakai Text; plus Finkel 3e Text Package
      Mohr Text & 2e Lab Experiences; Lacher ...

      This package contains the following products: 

      • 9780781766173 Mohr Standards of Practice for the Pharmacy Technician
      • 9780781763103 Lacher Pharmaceutical Calculations for the Pharmacy Technician
      • 9780781773485 Sakai Practical Pharmacology for the Pharmacy Technician
      • 9781605479507 Mohr Lab Experiences for the Pharmacy Technician, 2e
      • 9781451113464 Finkel Patient Care Management, 3e

      February 27, 2012
      $ 287.96 USD $287.96
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    • Book Standards of Practice for the Pharmacy Technician
      Standards of Practice for the Pharmacy Technician

      Standards of Practice for the Pharmacy Technician discusses standards of practice, scope of practice, and projections for the future practice of an emerging professional in the modern world of pharmacy. The reader will follow the developmental stages of the pharmacist from an unregulated dispenser of herbal remedies to an educated licensed professional, and the development of the technician from a pill counter to an educated technician with the ability to assist the pharmacist in providing pharmaceutical care to patients. The ultimate goal is to instill in the student a feeling of competence, an ability to utilize critical thinking skills for problem solving, and an innate comprehension of the concepts of professionalism and professional judgment.

      A bound-in CD-ROM and companion website include a quiz bank, video clips, pharmacy technician dispensing lab simulations, clinical simulations, and blank forms. Additional ancillaries are available for instructors.

      January 12, 2009
      $ 85.99 USD $85.99
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    • Book Handbook of Applied Therapeutics
      Handbook of Applied Therapeutics
      This must-have resource for pharmacy, PA, and NP students, as well as practicing clinicians, presents drug-related content in a bulleted, tabular, quick-access format to support therapeutic decision-making at the point-of-care.  
      Now available in both mobile and print formats, this updated Ninth Edition provides in-depth information on the latest drug treatments for more than 85 diseases and conditions, including heart failure, schizophrenia, viral hepatitis, and diabetes mellitus.
      • Trusted therapeutic content based on Applied Therapeutics, 10e is presented in a concise, bulleted, quick-reference format.
      • Detailed algorithms and charts guide you through complex therapeutic decisions.
      • Hundreds of tables provide rapid access to comparative drug information, pharmacokinetic properties, treatment options, dosing guidelines, risk factors, and disease information.
      • The easy-to-follow outline format makes it ideal for times when you need a quick review of drug treatments and therapeutic approaches for a specific disease.
      • A user-friendly, two-color design makes information easy to find.
      • Thoroughly up-to-date content reflects how new drugs are incorporated into contemporary therapeutic practices
      March 30, 2015
      $ 76.99 USD $76.99
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    • Book Patient Care Management
      Patient Care Management
      A Lab Workbook for Prescription Practice
      January 16, 2012
      $ 77.99 USD $77.99
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    • Book Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice
      Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice
      A Practical Guide for Students and Practitioners
      December 16, 2011
      $ 63.99 USD $63.99
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