How to Promote the Affiliate Program

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Affiliate marketing is a relatively new method of advertising that is still in its infancy. To help you start or grow your relationship with, we have compiled a list of best practices and effective ways to promote LWW products at your website. Once you have been accepted, you can implement these ideas on your site as soon as possible and start earning commissions right away.


The basic way to promote any merchant is to place links to it from your website, where related information accompanies those links:

  • Individual Pages: Create a single page for, such as your members-only area, where you link to our categories, as well as including product links to best sellers and new items. This will make your site better optimized for search engines when related terms are searched and increase the number of sales you refer.
  • Targeted Links: When you create a link for us, make sure the landing page - where you send visitors - is targeted. For example, if you are linking to us from your Physical Therapy category, make sure your visitors end up in our Physical Therapy category: Physical Therapy. This will make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.
  • Product Links: We have thousands of individual product links. You just need to set up the links for the products you like and place them on your site. Since your visitors will be directly going to a page where they can purchase that product, you will see a great conversion rate. Product links should be formatted this way:
    Your unique code would go where the red text is.
    The ISBN of the product you wish to link to would go where the blue text is.
    If you have downloaded the product feed from LinkConnector, be sure to use the links assigned to each product from the feed.
  • Banner Links: We also have several banner ads in our linking policy that can help you draw attention to
  • Categories that Match If you have a site with many categories, make sure you list in all appropriate categories rather than just one. Here are the main categories you should list in:
    • Books
    • Magazines
    • Health/Wellness
    • Charts


If you have e-mail newsletters that send out periodically, you can add links to them and generate clicks and sales:

  • Select categories and products that match the profile of your newsletters reader. This will increase your conversions and will also be viewed as useful information by your customers, rather than just another ad.
  • Send timely information with your newsletters. If you have a shopping content related email, make sure you send timely messages for the appropriate seasons. For example, you can start sending Holiday-related messages as early as September, as some early birds start shopping then.

We will continue to update these pages with new information, so come back often!