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Read life-changing, inspirational stories from nurses like you!

Offering life- and career-changing moments in nurses' lives, the 80 true stories in Reflections on Nursing reveal nursing at its most demanding and fulfilling. These inspiring true stories—written by nurses in numerous care settings—show nursing as both professional and life experience, and often, as an inspired journey.

Page after page, you'll be captivated by stories such as …

  • the compassionate nurse who inspires dignity and strength in a young soldier losing his wife
  • the stellar, life-saving teamwork of doctor/nurse teams based on mutual respect
  • the nurse who realizes her best friend, a fellow nurse, is stealing drugs from their unit
  • the inspiring patients who help nurses remember why they became a nurse
  • the retired doctor who recalls the nurse who saved him, as a young intern, from mishandling a crucial situation with a dying patient