Reflections on Nursing | Table of Contents

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These captivating stories reflect the world of nursing in numerous care settings and highlight the professional, real-life experiences of everyday nurses.


1. The Grief Train
2. The Hardest Decision
3. The Price of a Miracle
4. No Regrets
5. Florida Vacation
6. In the Hand of Dad
7. Inseparable
8. Steven

Colleagues, for Better
or Worse

9. Roger's Angst
10. The Blame Game
11. Who's the Fool?
12. Ordinary Things
13. Deception

Career Is a Forking Path

14. The Fine Art of Leaving
15. Making It Fit
16. Intensive Care
17. Am I a Nurse?
18. A Moment of Grace
19. Promises to Keep
20. The Eyes of a Pediatric Nurse


21. Before the Signal Fades
22. Paper Chart Nurse
23. Final Connection
24. Chaos
25. Heads and Beds

Lessons Learned

26. The Ice-Bag Incident
27. Nurse, Heal Thyself
28. The Pain
29. At the Night Camp
30. Skipped Two Times
31. Tending Mr. Brown

Getting Started

32. The Prospering of Cheaters
33. Touchy-Feely Stuff
34. Where's My Hospice Moment?
35. My First Preceptor
36. Bed Bath
37. A Nurse? What Was I Thinking?
38. A Special Kind of Knowledge
39. Coming Home to Nursing

All in the Family

40. Two Nurses—One Old, One New
41. Morphine. Now.
42. At the Eye of the Storm
43. Census of One, Staff of Five
44. A Nurse's Mother's Nurses
45. A Place for Palliative Care

Doctor Jekyll and Doctor Hyde

46. Last Rights
47. My Turn
48. A Smart Doctor Listens to the Nurses

From the Other Side

49. Seized
50. The Brat
51. The Game of What If?
52. The Third Way
53. Every Three Months
54. Intake Interview
55. A Passing Shadow
56. A Stone of Contention
57. Swabbing Tubby
58. To the Child They Were All One Kind
59. Breathing Room

Tables Turned

60. To Mania and Back
61. At Her Mercy
62. Big Love
63. A Mind in Search of Its Moorings
64. The Other Cancer Story
65. The Enduring Self
66. The Sacraments of Sister Thecla

Making A Difference

67. Am I Going to Be Okay?
68. Socks and All …
69. A Change of Heart
70. A Brief Respite
71. May I Have a Band-Aid?
72. The Dirtiest House in Town
73. What One Thing Will Make Today Better for You?

Memorable Patients

74. Hiding a Tender Soul
75. Keeping Secrets
76. A Man of Few Words
77. I'm Sorry, Mama
78. Convicted
79. Edna and the Bedside Tables
80. Thomas