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  • Description

    As the ACSM's first online-only publication, the Translational Journal is an international, peer-reviewed, journal designed to disseminate translational science that is intended to inform researchers and practitioners. The journal also provides a venue for research on policy issues that affect implementation of research findings into clinical and community settings. The vision is to publish high-quality articles bridging the gap between basic and clinical research and practice in sports medicine and exercise science. This journal concentrates solely on the translation of science to action.

    The journal publishes original research, clinical trials, systematic review articles, and meta-analysis and policy research that discuss the translational implications of basic, clinical, and policy science to everyday real-world practice. Specifically, studies that apply basic and clinical research findings that move discovery and knowledge into clinical practice and community settings will be published. Periodically, special issues that focus on a single, current topic in translational sports medicine and exercise science may be developed.

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    Published 24 times per year (Biweekly)
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    Joseph Donnelly PT, DHS
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