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Respiratory Care Made Incredibly Easy

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September 7, 2018
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  • Description
     Time to master the complexities of respiratory care. The newly updated Respiratory Care Made Incredibly Easy!®, 3rd Edition, explains the essentials with humor, expert guidance, and numerous colorful images.

    Offering the essential terms, skills, and equipment how-to’s you need to successfully treat the most common respiratory disorders, this down-to-earth guide helps you grasp respiratory physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology in clear and simple language. Prepare for success in the classroom and on the job, with this enjoyable guide to creating positive respiratory outcomes.

    Grasp the fundamental concepts, skills, and processes of respiratory care …
    • NEW content on the latest respiratory modalities and updated nursing guidelines
    • Dozens of colorful charts, drawings, and diagrams that make complex respiratory care concepts clear and easy-to-remember
    • Perfect for visual learners—visually demonstrates anatomy and physiology, the components of treatments and when and how to apply them, and the causes, symptoms, and treatment of obstructive, restrictive, vascular, and neoplastic lung disorders
    • Ideal reference and review for nursing students, new nurses, and respiratory therapists, with clear, concise direction on areas such as:
      • Respiratory assessment techniques
      • Diagnostic procedures
      • Airway maintenance
      • Oxygen delivery
      • Chest drainage
      • Suctioning
      • Ventilatory support
      • Treating infection and inflammation
      • Assessing and treating traumatic injuries and other respiratory emergencies
      • Care of patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and end-tidal CO2 monitoring
      • Recognizing an asthma attack
      • Preoperative and postoperative care for patients having a thoracotomy or lung transplant
      • Computed tomography (CT) and x-ray imaging
    • Chapter features that provide learning aids and on-the-unit support:
      • Just the facts—quick summary of chapter content
      • Kids’ korner—seasoned guidance on caring for pediatric patients
      • Clinical pearls—clear-cut explanations of symptoms and disorders, backed by direction and advice on treatment
      • Advice from the experts—expert input on respiratory care
      • Home care—helpful guidance on teaching patient self-care
      • Breath sounds— online access to breath sounds
      • Nurses Joy and Jake—Practical advice and experienced insights offered throughout
      • Memory jogger—simple techniques for remembering vital information
    About the Clinical Editor

    Rose Knapp, DNP, RN, APN-BC, is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Associate Graduate Faculty MSN Program Director and APN Program Coordinator at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey.
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    7 x 9
    Incredibly Easy! Series®
    Publication Date
    September 7, 2018
  • Rose Knapp DNP, RN, APRN-BC
  • Table of contents
    1. Anatomy and Physiology
    Shelba Durston

    2. Assessment
    Shelba Durston

    3. Diagnostic Procedures
    Loisann Stapleton

    4. Treatment
    Loisann Stapleton

    5. Infection and Inflammation
    Arlene Coughlin

    6. Obstructive Disorders
    Arlene Coughlin

    7. Restrictive Disorders
    Henry Geiter

    8. Vascular Lung Disorders
    Denise Sirois

    9. Traumatic Injuries
    Robin Walsh

    10. Neoplastic Disorders
    Henry Geiter

    11. Repiratory Emergencies
    Robin Walsh
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