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Professional Guide to Diseases

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April 25, 2019
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  • Description
    Get ready to provide efficient, informed patient care, with the newly updated  Professional Guide to Diseases , 11th Edition . This comprehensive guide offers the causes, signs and symptoms for more than 600 disorders, with expert nursing direction on tests, assessments, diagnosis, treatments, and special considerations.

    Whether you are a student preparing for board certification or are a new or experienced nurse, this is vital support for understanding correct treatment of the common conditions seen almost daily.

    Build up your ground-floor knowledge of a wide range of common disorders and diseases:
      NEW full-color figures and illustrations
    • Boxed text  on pathophysiology and prevention that helps reinforce difficult concepts
    • Icons that emphasize important concepts: Elderly Tip, Pediatric Tip, Clinical Alert, Life-Threatening Disorder, and Confirming Diagnosis
    • Consistent template  that makes information quick and easy to find yet comprehensive enough to offer complete coverage of a group of similar diseases
    • Expert guidance  that leads you to targeted, cost-effective testing
    • Chapters offer a thorough grounding in:Disorders found in individual body systems – Cardiovascular; respiratory; neurologic; gastrointestinal; hepatobiliary; musculoskeletal; renal and urologic; immune; hematologic; metabolic and nutritional; endocrine; eye; ear, nose and throat; skin; genetic; obstetric and gynecologic; sexual; and psychiatric
    • Malignant neoplasms – Head, neck and spine; thorax; abdomen and pelvis; male and female genitalia; bone, skin and soft tissue; blood and lymph
    • Infection – Gram-positive cocci, gram-negative cocci, gram-positive bacilli, gram-negative bacilli, spirochetes and mycobacteria, mycoses, respiratory viruses, rash-producing viruses, enteroviruses, arbovirus, miscellaneous viruses, rickettsia, protozoa, helminths
    • Trauma – Head, neck and spine, thorax, abdomen, extremities, whole body
    • Updated information on rare diseases, potential agents of bioterrorism, and complementary and alternative therapies for specific conditions, with additional coverage for more than 50 life-threatening disorders
    • Detailed guidance on hundreds of commonly seen disorders and diseases  in easy-to-read language — ideal for both graduate and undergraduate study
    • Offers new nurses the confidence to function fully  while building on-the-unit skills and know-how
    • Small enough size to carry with you  as a solid resource — informative, concise and organized for easy reference

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      • About the Clinical Editor Dr. Laura M. Willis, DNP, APRN-CNP,CMSRN, is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Urbana Family Medicine and Pediatrics in Urbana, Ohio

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    6 x 9
    Publication Date
    April 25, 2019
  • Laura Willis MSN, APRN, FNP-C, DNPs
  • Table of contents
    Contributors vi
    evious Edition Contributors vii
    Foreword viii
    1 CardiovasCular disorders 1
    Introduction 1
    Congenital acyanotic defects 6
    Congenital cyanotic defects 15
    Acquired inflammatory heart disease 18
    Valve disorders 27
    Degenerative cardiovascular disorders 30
    Cardiac complications 54
    Vascular disorders 63
    2 r espiratory disorders 86
    Introduction 86
    Congenital and pediatric disorders 93
    Acute disorders 99
    Chronic disorders 130
    Pneumoconioses 140
    3 NeurologiC disorders 146
    Introduction 146
    Congenital anomalies 155
    Paroxysmal disorders 165
    Brain and spinal cord disorders 170
    Neuromuscular disorders 196
    Cranial nerve disorders 202
    Pain disorders 207
    CONTeNTs 4 g astroiNtestiNal disorders 209
    Introduction 209
    Mouth and esophagus 212
    Stomach, intestine, and pancreas 226
    Anorectum 257
    5 Hepatobiliary disorders 266
    Introduction 266
    Liver disorders 270
    Gallbladder and duct disorders 283
    6 MusCuloskeletal disorders 287
    Introduction 287
    Congenital disorders 291
    Joints 298
    Bones 306
    Muscle and connective tissue 324
    7 r eNal aNd urologiC disorders 333
    Introduction 333
    Congenital anomalies 339
    Acute renal disorders 342
    Chronic renal disorders 354
    Lower urinary tract disorders 367
    Prostate and epididymis disorders 375
    8 iMMuNe disorders 380
    Introduction 380
    Allergy 388
    Autoimmunity 402
    Immunodeficiency 429
    9 HeMatologiC disorders 444
    Introduction 444
    Blood basics 444
    Formation and characteristics 444
    Blood’s function 445
    Blood dysfunction 445
    Erythropoiesis 445
    RBC disorders 445
    Function of WBCs 446
    Platelets, plasma, and clotting 446
    Hemostasis and the clotting mechanism 447
    Therapy with blood components 448
    Bone marrow transplantation 448
    Anemias 448
    Polycythemias 465
    Hemorrhagic disorders 470
    Miscellaneous disorders 48210 MetaboliC aNd NutritioNal disorders 486
    Introduction 486
    Nutritional imbalance 490
    Metabolic disorders 506
    Homeostatic imbalance 522
    11 eNdoCriNe disorders 540
    Introduction 540
    Pituitary gland 542
    Thyroid gland 551
    Parathyroid glands 563
    Adrenal glands 568
    Pancreatic and multiple disorders 582
    12 eye disorders 594
    Introduction 594
    Eyelid and lacrimal ducts 598
    Conjunctival disorders 604
    Corneal disorders 608
    Uveal tract, retinal, and lens disorders 611
    Miscellaneous disorders 619
    13 ear, Nose, aNd tHroat disorders 625
    Introduction 625
    External ear 627
    Middle ear 632
    Inner ear 638
    Nose 643
    Throat 653
    14 skiN disorders 661
    Introduction 661
    Bacterial infections 665
    Fungal infections 669
    Parasitic infestations 672
    Follicular and glandular disorders 676
    Pigmentation disorders 681
    Inflammatory reactions 685
    Miscellaneous disorders 690
    Diagnosis 702
    15 MaligNaNt NeoplasMs 704
    Introduction 704
    Head, neck, and spine 712
    Thorax 726
    Abdomen and pelvis 733
    Male and female genitalia 755
    Bone, skin, and soft tissue 771
    Blood and lymph 784 16 iNfeCtioN 796
    Introduction 796
    Gram-positive cocci 803
    Gram-negative cocci 821
    Gram-positive bacilli 822
    Gram-negative bacilli 832
    Spirochetes and mycobacteria 850
    Mycoses 856
    Respiratory viruses 864
    Rash-producing viruses 873
    Enteroviruses 885
    Arbovirus 887
    Miscellaneous viruses 888
    Rickettsia 898
    Protozoa 899
    Helminths 909
    Miscellaneous infections 916
    17 t rauMa 919
    Introduction 919
    Head 922
    Neck and spine 929
    Thorax 931
    Abdomen 935
    Extremities 937
    Whole body 946
    Miscellaneous injuries 960
    18 g eNetiC disorders 977
    Introduction 977
    Autosomal dominant inheritance 983
    Autosomal recessive inheritance 988
    X-linked inheritance 997
    Chromosomal abnormalities 1003
    Multifactorial abnormalities 1010
    19 obstetriC aNd gyNeCologiC disorders 1017
    Introduction 1017
    Gynecologic disorders 1023
    Uterine bleeding disorders 1038
    Disorders of pregnancy 1043
    Abnormalities of parturition 1059
    Postpartum disorders 1064
    Hemolytic diseases of the neonate 1069 20 seXual disorders 1076
    Introduction 1076
    Sexually transmitted diseases/infections 1078
    Male-bodied persons reproductive disorders 1089
    21 psyCHiatriC disorders 1096
    Introduction 1096
    Disorders of infancy, childhood, and adolescence 1101
    Substance-related and addictive disorders 1109
    Psychotic disorders 1120
    Mood disorders 1126
    Anxiety disorders 1132
    Somatic symptom and related disorders 1139
    Dissociative disorders 1141
    Eating disorders 1146
    Gender dysphoria 1150
    Sexual disorders 1151
    ppeNdiCes 1153
    Rare diseases 1154
    Potential agents of bioterrorism 1182
    Complementary and integrative therapies for specific conditions 1184
    Care of LGBTQ patient 1186
    Acknowledgments 1187
    NdeX 1189
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