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The Peer-Reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence
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Published 12 times per year (Monthly)
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  • Description
    Nursing2019 is the award-winning, how-to journal that provides practical information for all nurses.  This peer-reviewed journal is nursing’s first choice for updates on a comprehensive range of nursing topics, including clinical and professional information on drugs, diseases, nursing care strategies, and legal/ethical issues.  The journal's dedication to clinical excellence ensures nurses receive the latest expert advice for their fast-changing profession.  This is reflected in the journal's content, which includes two CE opportunities per issue, and Nursing2019's hallmark "from-the-heart" narratives, which highlight the compassionate side of nursing.

    Nursing's history of award-winning issues, departments and article attest to its relevant and applicable content, and its dedication to publishing excellence.  The journal has received a variety of awards from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE), including a 2012 silver award for Best Peer-Reviewed Journal and Best New Department, a bronze award for Best How-To Article, and a gold award for Best Cover Photo.  In addition, Nursing received a silver award from Folio, a leading publishing industry organization. 

    Your All-Access Subscription Includes:

     • Home delivery of 12 print issues, plus digital access to online issues with even more nursing information
     • Award-winning content that provides essential information and practical solutions for nurses in all specialties •  
     • Members-Only Access to Nursing2019.com, featuring special online-only content, archived issues, and the In Touch blog  
     • CE Opportunities in every issue!
     • For more information, visit www.nursing2019.com.
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    Product Format
    Publication Frequency
    Published 12 times per year (Monthly)
  • Linda Laskowski-Jones MS, APRN, ACNS-BC, CEN,
  • Features
    --Contains two continuing-education features in every issue that target hot issues for nurses at the bedside, from clinical topics to legal issues.
    --Strong peer-reviewed clinical features in every issue range from acute care to chronic care topics, reflecting the wide range of conditions nurses see and the care they must give.
    --Coverage of news affecting daily nursing practice, including reports on FDA drug approvals, CDC guidelines, and research studies.
    --Great variety of departments that meet readers' needs, from handling legal, ethical and professional issues to managing patients' pain to providing wound care to giving I.V. therapy to avoiding medication errors.
    --Web site features print content plus related online-only material, as well as landmark articles and surveys.
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