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Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

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Published 12 times per year (Monthly)
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  • Description
    Founded in 1874, The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease is the world's oldest independent scientific monthly in the field of human behavior. Articles cover theory, etiology, therapy, social impact of illness, and research methods. Devoted to clinical psychiatric research and studies in the social, behavioral, and neurological sciences, the journal's articles are useful to clinicians with patients suffering from mental health problems.

    An individual subscription includes 6 print issues and full-text online access to all current and back issues.

    Visit the journal online at jonmd.com

  • Specs
    Product Format
    Publication Frequency
    Published 12 times per year (Monthly)
  • About The Editor(s)
    John A. Talbott MD
    The Sheppard & Enoch Pratt Hospital, Baltimore, MD
  • Features
    --Refereed research reports including at least one behavioral variable, clear definitions of study populations and replicable research designs
    --Evaluative, reflective, integrated review articles offering comprehensive, in-depth historical and scientific treatment of clinically significant topics
    --Individual case studies with heuristic value
    --Reviews of books of particular interest to behavioral and social scientists working in clinical settings
    --Editorials by leading investigators
  • Review
  • Questions and Answers
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