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Current Opinion in Rheumatology

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Published 6 times per year (Bimonthly)
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  • Description
    Current Opinion in Rheumatology provides a powerful, broad-based perspective on the most important advances in the field from throughout the world literature. Every issue of Current Opinion in Rheumatology delivers unvarnished, expert assessments of developments from the previous year. Insightful editorials and on-the-mark invited reviews cover key subjects such as rheumatoid arthritis; vasculitis syndromes; epidemiology and health-related services; crystal deposition diseases; spondyloarthropathies; osteoarthritis; and pediatric and heritable disorders--some 15 items in all of major relevance. All reviews are supplemented with an indispensable section, References and Recommended Reading.

    Stay informed, get a Current Opinion.

    An individual subscription includes 6 print issues plus full-text online access to all current and back issues.
    Visit the journal online at www.co-rheumatology.com

  • Specs
    Product Format
    Publication Frequency
    Published 6 times per year (Bimonthly)
  • About The Editor(s)
    Steven Abramson
  • Features
    • January: Vasculitis syndromes; Systemic disorders with rheumatic manifestations
    • March: Epidemiology and health-related services; Crystal deposition diseases
    • May: Clinical therapeutics; Rheumatoid arthritis
    • July: Spondyloarthropathies; Infectious arthritis and immune dysfunction; Metabolic bone disease
    • September: Systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjogren syndrome; Pediatric and heritable disorders; Osteoarthritis
    • November: Myositis and myopathies; Raynaud phenomenon, scleroderma, overlap syndromes and other fibrosing syndromes

    --2012 Impact Factor: 5.191*
    --2012 Ranking: 4 of 29 Rheumatology*
    --Website: www.co-rheumatology.com

    *2012 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2013)
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  • Questions and Answers
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