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Lifelong Learning in Neurology: The Official CME Journal of the American Academy of Neurology
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Published 6 times per year (Bimonthly)
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  • Description
    American Academy of Neurology (AAN) members enjoy the most economical subscription price to Continuum® and Continuum® Audio. To become a member of the AAN, please visit AAN.com/membership. Member orders will be validated with the AAN.  When subscribing as a member, be sure to select "Member Price" from the Price Type field above. You may also order by calling 800-361-0633 (outside North America call 301-223-2300).

    NEW! Continuum and Continuum Audio: 1 subscription, 2 essential resources!

    Subscribers to Continuum and Continuum Audio receive both the definitive text of Continuum and the in-depth audio conversations of Continuum Audio in one subscription.
    • Comprehensive curriculum of single-topic issues, each covering a core neurologic subspecialty area; published 6 times a year.
    • Clinical applications of the latest research and up-to-date information about diagnosis, treatment, and management.
    • Subscription includes print, online, and iPad, and Android apps.
    • Opportunity to earn up to 14 AMA PRACategory 1 Credits™ per issue (12 can apply to ABPN MOC Self-Assessment credit).
    Continuum Audio
    • In-depth conversations with expert authors of each articles from the Continuum journal.
    • Ability to listen to any interview of interest on any topic, from the entire library of Continuum Audio content.
    • Subscription includes access to online platform, MP3 files, and iOS/Android apps.
    • Opportunity to earn CME credits for each interview. Once 8 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM have been earned, they and all subsequent credits may apply toward ABPN MOC Self-Assessment credit.

    2018 Topics*:
    February 2018 – Child Neurology
    April 2018 – Spinal Cord Disorders
    June 2018 – Behavioral Neurology and Psychiatry
    August 2018 – Headache
    October 2018 – Neurocritical Care
    December 2018 – Neuroinfectious Disease
    *Order of issues is subject to change

    Back issues are available for purchase six months after publication date by calling 800-361-0633 or visiting lwwforms.com/backissues

    The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology has reviewed Continuum and has approved this product as part of a comprehensive lifelong learning and self-assessment program, which is mandated by the ABMS as a necessary component of maintenance of certification.

    Experience the enhanced features on Continuum’s website, ContinuumJournal.com, including advanced search functionality, video gallery, and article collections, as well as access to the entire issue archive.

    Please allow maximum two business days for order processing before online access is granted and up to four business days for CME processing.
  • Specs
    Product Format
    Publication Frequency
    Published 6 times per year (Bimonthly)
  • About The Editor(s)
    Steven L. Lewis MD, FAAN
    Timothy M. Breidegam Chair and Chief of Neurology
    Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Features
    --One subscription, four ways to access:  print, online, iPad®/Android™ apps, and mobile
    --Clinical case studies
    --Informative tables, charts, graphs, and illustrations
    --Video content available for some topics
    --Detailed patient management problem
    --Ethics and practice cases and discussions for practical application
    --Earn up to 84 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™ per year and up to 72 AMA PRA Category 1 Self-Assessment Credits per year
  • Review
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