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Concise Text of Neuroscience

Concise Text of Neuroscience

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July 30, 2014
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  • Description
    Although each chapter has been heavily revised, this edition of Concise Text of Neuroscience adheres to the goals of the first edition--providing practical, concise, and integrated information on neuroscience with an emphasis on clinical neurology. Case histories of real patients help illustrate neurologic principles. Several new features include--a new chapter summary format for quicker review of chapters, key term etymologies, an expanded glossary, a high-resolution, multiplanar MRI atlas, 'Further Application' questions with answers following each case history.
  • Specs
    Product Format
    Publication Date
    July 30, 2014
  • About The Author(s)
    Robert E. Kingsley
  • Features
    --Includes more than 75 video clips with length of each clip 35-40 seconds
    --Clips are indexed by neurological sign and by disease
    --Includes Voice Narration that explains what the student is seeing
    --Arrow markers overlay the video to point out symptoms
    --Reinforces the clinical principles as described by Kingsley's text, 2e
    --Valuable especially for first year students not given access to patients exhibiting these signs
  • Table of contents

    Chapter 1 The Gross Structure of the Nervous System

    Chapter 2 Microstructure of the Nervous System

    Chapter 3 Electrochemical Signaling

    Chapter 4: Principles of Sensory Transduction

    Chapter 5 The Somatosensory System

    Chapter 6 Motor Systems I: Spinal Mechanisms of Motor Control

    Chapter 7 Motor Systems II: Descending Motor Systems

    Chapter 8: Motor Systems III: The Basal Ganglia

    Chapter 9 The Cerebellum

    Chapter 10 The Cranial Nerves

    Chapter 11 The Auditory System

    Chapter 12 The Visual System

    Chapter 13 The Autonomic Nervous System

    Chapter 14 The Hypothalamus and Related Structures

    Chapter 15 The Cerebral Cortex

    Appendix I Neuroembryology

    Appendix II The Neurological Exam

    Appendix III MRI Atlas

    Appendix IV Neuroimaging Techniques

    Appendix V Further Applications Answers

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