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  • Description
    Clinical Dysmorphology publishes succinct case reports on the aetiology, clinical delineation, genetic mapping and molecular embryology of birth defects. This journal covers such topics as multiple congenital anomaly syndromes—with particular emphasis on previously undescribed conditions, rare findings, ethnic differences in existing syndromes, foetal abnormalities and cytogenetic aberrations that might give clues to the localization of developmental genes.

    An individual subscription includes 4 print issues plus full-text online access to all current and back issues.
    Visit the journal online at www.clindysmorphol.com

  • Specs
    Product Format
    Publication Frequency
    Published 4 times per year (Quarterly)
  • About The Editor(s)
    Michael Baraitser
    Institute of Child Health, London, UK
    Jill Clayton-Smith
    St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester, UK
    Dian Donnai
    St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester, UK
  • Features
    --Unique niche subject area
    --Unique source of new syndromes
    --Original, peer-reviewed articles
    --Conference reports
    --Book and software reviews

    --2011 Impact Factor: 0.543*
    --2011 Ranking: 142 of 157 Genetics & Heredity*
    --Website: www.clindysmorphol.com
    *2011 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2011)
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