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Avery & MacDonald's Neonatology

Pathophysiology and Management of the Newborn
Publication Date
October 13, 2021
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  • Description
    For more than 45 years, Avery & MacDonald’s Neonatology has been the premier text on the pathophysiology and management of both preterm and full-term neonates, trusted by neonatologists, neonatology fellows, pediatricians, neonatal nurse practitioners, and ob/gyn practitioners worldwide. Continuing the tradition of excellence established by Drs. Gordon B. Avery and Mhairi G. MacDonald, this fully revised eighth edition features three new lead editors, numerous new chapters, reorganized and updated content, and an increased focus on global neonatology.   
    • Continues to provide comprehensive, accessible coverage of how diseases occur and how their pathophysiology drives management. 

    • Covers the wide breadth of care of the newborn patient, including maternal factors, stabilization of the newborn, common newborn issues, pharmacology, and care after discharge.  

    • Contains a wealth of integrated, practical advice on treating neonates worldwide, including global viewpoints on providing care without the latest technology and under various international guidelines. 

    • Includes new chapters on recent advances in neonatology, including fetal surgery, global health, molecular genetics, immunology and inflammation, thermoregulation, palliative care, imaging, and genetic abnormalities. 

    • Reflects new research on the impact of maternal drug use on the newborn, nutrition, pulmonary disorders, discharge planning, and care of the preterm and small for gestational age infant. 

    • Features timely content on advances in ethical concepts about neonatal care at the limits of viability, family integrated care, early life determinants of life course disease, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more. 

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    HC-Printed Cover
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    8 3/8 x 10 7/8
    Publication Date
    October 13, 2021
  • James Boardman MBBS, FRCPCH, PhD
    Professor of Neonatal Medicine
    The University of Edinburgh
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Alan Groves MBChB, FRCPCH, MD
    Associate Professor
    Department of Pediatrics
    Dell Medical School
    University of Texas at Austin
    Austin, Texas
    Jayashree Ramasethu MBBS, DCH, MD, FAAP

    Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
    Georgetown University Medical Center
    Medical Director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    Associate Program Director, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program
    Division of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine
    MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
    Washington, DC

  • Table of contents
    Contributors vi
    Foreword xv
    Preface xvi
    Preface to the First Edition xvii
    Newborn Survival in a Global Context 1
    Joy E. Lawn, Samantha Sadoo, Cally J. Tann,
    and Nahya Salim Masoud
    The Scope and Organization of Perinatal Services:
    Global Comparisons and Challenges 16
    Judy L. Aschner, Stephen W. Patrick, Ann R. Stark,
    and Shoo K. Lee
    Newborn Intensive Care Unit Design: Scientific and
    Practical Considerations 29
    Robert D. White, Judith A. Smith, and Gilbert I. Martin
    Data Collection Systems for Service Evaluation and
    Research 34
    Neena Modi
    Quality Assessment and Improvement 40
    Scott A. Lorch
    Inter -Hospital T ransport 50
    Hilary E. A. Whyte and Andrew Berry
    Perinatal Medical Ethics, Decision-Making,
    and Legal Principles 69
    Dominic J. C. Wilkinson, Gregory P. Moore,
    and Amir M. Zayegh
    Care of the Family, Palliative Care, Brain Death,
    and Organ Donation 80
    Krishelle L. Marc-Aurele
    Discharge Planning, Follow-Up Care, and Outcome
    Evaluation 90
    Angela Huertas-Ceballos and Katie Mckinnon
    10 Prenatal Diagnosis and Management in the Molecular
    Age—Indications, Procedures, and Laboratory
    T echniques 109
    Mark I. Evans, Dana Brabbing-Goldstein, Shara M. Evans,
    and Yuval Yaron
    11 Multiple Gestation 137
    Scott W. White
    12 Placental Physiology, the In Utero Environment, and
    Antenatal Determinants of Disease 148
    Ian P. Crocker
    13 The Impact of Maternal Illness and Therapy
    on the Fetus and Neonate 155
    Adalina Sacco, Sarah Guillon, and Anna L. David
    14 The Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Nonnarcotic
    Drugs: Maternal, Fetal, Neonatal, and Long-T erm
    Outcomes 165
    Enrique M. Ostrea Jr, Josef M. Cortez, Maria Esterlita T.
    Villanueva-Uy, and Jonathan M. Gamiao
    15 T ransition and Stabilization 187
    Ruben E. Alvaro
    16 Delivery Room Management 201
    Colm P. F. O’Donnell and Alan M. Groves
    17 Physical Assessment and Classification 215
    Leigh E. Dyet and Rose Crowley
    18 Care of the Normal Newborn 238
    Karen L. Kamholz and Jessica M. McGovern
    19 Fluid and Electrolyte Management 251
    Sabita Uthaya
    20 Nutrition 258
    Sara E. Ramel and Michael K. Georgieff
    21 Radiology 278
    Jeremy B. Jones
    22 Health Care–Associated Infections 299
    Joseph B. Cantey and Rebekah C. Gardea
    23 Pharmacology 307
    Mark A. Turner
    24 Anesthesia and Analgesia 316
    Sally H. Vitali
    25 The Preterm Infant 326
    Jayashree Ramasethu
    26 The Small-for-Gestational Age Infant and IUGR 342
    Bianca Carducci, Susan C. Campisi, Samia Aleem, and
    Zulfiqar A. Bhutta
    27 Control of Breathing: Maturation and Associated
    Clinical Disorders 352
    Nicole R. Dobson, Mark W. Thompson, and Carl E. Hunt
    28 Acute Pulmonary Disorders 364
    Jeffrey A. Whitsett, Amy T. Nathan, Shawn K. Ahlfeld,
    Gloria S. Pryhuber, and Paul S. Kingma29 Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia 386
    Robin H. Steinhorn and Jonathan M. Davis
    30 Surgical Management of the Airway and Lungs 400
    Alison Maresh, Annie Harrington, Peter S. Midulla,
    and Vikash K. Modi
    31 Hemodynamics 419
    Patrick J. McNamara, Dany Weisz, Amish Jain,
    and Regan E. Giesinger
    32 Structural Cardiac Disease and Cardiomyopathies 459
    David Blundell, Caroline Jones, and David S. Crossland
    33 Postoperative Management and Care of the Cardiac
    Surgical Patient 491
    John M. Costello, Sinai C. Zyblewski, Jason R. Buckley, and
    Luke W. Schroeder
    34 Disorders of Cardiac Rhythm 523
    Luciana Marcondes and Jonathan R. Skinner
    35 Development of Structure and Function of the
    Gastrointestinal T ract 536
    Diomel M. de la Cruz and Josef Neu
    36 Disorders of the Gastrointestinal T ract 546
    Janice A. Taylor and Josef Neu
    37 Hepatobiliary Disorders 564
    Björn Fischler, Afrodite Psaros Einberg, and Maria
    38 Renal Disease 575
    Suhas M. Nafday, Craig B. Woda, Jeffrey M. Saland, Joseph
    T. Flynn, David Askenazi, and Luc P. Brion
    39 Structural Abnormalities of the Genitourinary
    T ract 623
    Irene M. McAleer and Kai-wen Chuang
    40 Endocrine Disorders 658
    Penny M. Feldman and Mary M. Lee
    41 Homeostasis of Carbohydrate and Other Fuels 678
    J. M. Hawdon and James P. Boardman
    42 Red Blood Cells and Their Disorders 695
    Subarna Chakravorty and Irene Roberts
    43 White Blood Cells and Their Disorders 708
    Suneetha Desiraju and George J. Dover
    44 Platelets and Disorders of Coagulation 714
    Martha Sola-Visner and Matthew A. Saxonhouse
    45 Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia 731
    Vinod K. Bhutani and Ronald J. Wong
    46 Congenital Infections 748
    Swetha G. Pinninti and David W. Kimberlin
    47 Evaluation and Management of Infection in the
    Newborn 767
    Miren B. Dhudasia, Dustin D. Flannery,
    and Karen M. Puopolo
    48 Immunology 779
    Kristin Scheible
    49 Brain Injury at T erm 792
    Andrew Whitelaw and Marianne Thoresen
    50 Brain Development and Injury in Preterm Infants 804
    David Edwards, Serena J. Counsell, and Pierre Gressens
    51 Neonatal Seizures 819
    Amanda G. Sandoval Karamian and Courtney J. Wusthoff
    52 Neuromuscular Disorders 828
    Eugenio Mercuri and Marika Pane
    53 Neurosurgery 835
    Kristian Aquilina
    54 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome 853
    Hendrée E. Jones, Gerri R. Baer, and Jonathan M. Davis
    55 Inherited Metabolic Disorders 861
    Barbara K. Burton
    56 Genetics and Genomics 872
    Margo Sheck Breilyn and Bruce D. Gelb
    57 Congenital Anomalies and Genetic Disease 877
    Tara L. Wenger and Elizabeth J. Bhoj
    58 Eye Disorders 891
    Stacy L. Pineles and Sherwin J. Isenberg
    59 Oncology 905
    Lauren H. Boal and Howard J. Weinstein
    60 Orthopedics 917
    Deborah M. Eastwood
    61 Dermatology 930
    Kaiane A. Habeshian, Ha-young Choi,
    and Robert A. Silverman
    Index 959
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