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American Journal of Nursing (AJN)

The Leading Voice of Nursing Since 1900

American Journal of Nursing (AJN)

The Leading Voice of Nursing Since 1900
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Published 12 times per year (Monthly)
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  • Description

    The American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
    The Voice of Nursing since 1900

    The Profession’s Journal  

    Award-winning, peer-reviewed AJN provides the evidence-based clinical information, news analysis, original research, and expert opinion so critical to your practice.  As nursing’s premier journal, AJN combines trusted, thought-provoking content with heartfelt insight to deliver unique perspective on the art and science of nursing.  Advance your career and your practice with AJN’s keen editorial, policy news, and cutting-edge business information relevant to nursing today.
    Your Journal – Your Way
    Subscribe today to receive 12 print issues per year, PLUS AJN for the iPad, and full access to AJNonline.com.  As a subscriber, you'll receive:

    • Full access to AJNonline.com, featuring all current and archived issues – from 1900 to today
    • e-Tables of Contents, collections, and citations  - delivered to your inbox!
    • Videos, podcasts, popular collections, and “Off the Charts” - AJN’s popular blog
    • CE opportunities to further your education – and your career 

    AJN was named as one of 100 Most Influential Journals in Biology & Medicine over the last 100 Years—the only nursing journal included. (BioMedical & Life Sciences Division (DBIO) of the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

    AJN has also earned a Journal Citation Report Impact Factor of 1.605.

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    Publication Frequency
    Published 12 times per year (Monthly)
  • About The Editor(s)
    Maureen "Shawn" Kennedy MA, RN, FAAN
  • Features
    --NEW! From the American Journal of Nursing
    -- Sign up now for the new AJN eNews, a monthly e-newsletter delivered to your inbox, containing the latest clinical, nursing, and health topics.
    -- Visit 'Off the Charts,' AJN's blog, at http://ajnoffthecharts.wordpress.com.
    -- Find AJN on Facebook and Twitter.
    --Practical, hands-on clinical articles on essential topics
    --Clinical, nursing, and healthcare news
    --Legal advice
    --Each issue carries self-study articles for continuing education contact hours.
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