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ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal®

An Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine
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Published 6 times per year (Bimonthly)
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  • Description

    As an Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal® responds to the information needs of fitness instructors, personal trainers, exercise leaders, program managers, and other front line health and fitness professionals. The mission of the journal is to promote and distribute accurate, unbiased, and authoritative information on health and fitness. With a complete and compelling format, the journal covers all aspects of exercise science and nutrition research, with components of ACSM certification workshops, current topics of interest to the fitness industry, and continuing education credit opportunities.

    The same information that is so critical to your practice and profession.This dynamic app optimizes the best in digital technology to enhance a print–like reading experience with article–sharing features, multimedia links, and more.  Visit acsm-healthfitness.org for more information.

    For more information, visit acsm-healthfitness.org.

    Individual and In-Training subscribers receive fully searchable online access to articles from Volume 1 to the present—now available on a powerful new website! This best-in-class website platform uses Web 2.0 functionality to provide an enhanced online experience through such features as: saved searches, personal article collections, easy image downloads to PowerPoint, and more.

    Members of ACSM's Alliance of Health and Fitness Professionals receive ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal® as a benefit of membership. Visit acsm.org for membership information.

  • Specs
    Product Format
    Publication Frequency
    Published 6 times per year (Bimonthly)
  • About The Editor(s)
    Brad A. Roy PhD, FACSM
  • Features
    --Client education on nutrition, weight control, injury-specific rehabilitation
    --Special population articles addressing clients' common conditions and diseases
    --Biomechanics, exercise, and sports physiology
    --Equipment evaluations and comparisons
    --Literature search and book reviews
    --Educational opportunities
    --Calendar of workshops and other events
    --Website: www.acsm-healthfitness.org
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  • Questions and Answers
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