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Clinical Compendium in Internal Medicine

A professionally curated collection of CME lectures in Internal Medicine
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  • Description
    Over the past 60 years, Audio Digest has published the largest library of expertly edited clinical lectures available to medical professionals. Because your time is extremely limited, our medical editors have developed a perfectly curated library of CME certified lectures. Introducing the all NEW Audio Digest 2017 Clinical Compendium in Internal Medicine. Clinical Compendium is comprised of an extensive collection of hand selected lectures in the field of Internal Medicine, along with additional specific lectures that clinicians like yourself have found invaluable.

    A lot of time and attention has gone into selecting the right content for your Clinical Compendium. First, we searched through our extensive library and aggregated the most important and impactful lectures published in the field of Internal Medicine. But we didn’t stop there. We then identified additional lectures that your peers are actively searching and added them to your library. Finally, because time and efficiency are important, we sorted all these CME accredited lectures into Topics and placed them on the most sophisticated online digital platform in the industry to facilitate your educational experience.

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    Audio Digest
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    Audio Digest Foundation
  • Features
    Experience your lectures through a host of features only available on Audio Digest's new state-of-the-art digital media player. Stream or download your CME Compendium playlists for convenient offline access. Take a test on your tablet, then review and print your CME certificate on your laptop.

    State-of-the-Art Media Player — automatically synchronizes your progress across your computer and your mobile devices so you can go from your office to your car without missing a beat.

    Credit Tracker — easily identifies and keeps track of your completed CME activities.

    Mobile App — Available for Apple iOS and Android, you can access all content and media player functionality at your convenience — in your car, office, home, gym or while traveling. Visit your iTunes or Google Play store and download the ADF Membership app.

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