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  • Description
    Rehabilitation Oncology is the official quarterly publication of the Oncology Section the American Physical Therapy Association. The journal is the primary peer-reviewed, indexed resource for advancing oncologic physical therapy practice and cancer rehabilitation through the dissemination of definitive evidence, translation of clinically relevant knowledge, and integration of theory into education, practice, and research.

    The journal provides a forum for scientific and professional exchange among researchers and practitioners throughout the world that represent adult and pediatric cancer rehabilitation and the prevention of secondary conditions that lead to disabling conditions, palliative care, HIV/AIDS and lymphedema. The readership of Rehabilitation Oncology is primarily comprised of oncologic physical therapist clinicians and cancer rehabilitation research experts
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    Publication Frequency
    Published 4 times per year (Quarterly)
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    Lucinda (Cindy) Pfalzer PT, PhD, FAPTA
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