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NCLEX-RN® Review Made Incredibly Easy!

Publication Date
June 24, 2010
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  • Description
    Study more effectively and stress less with NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy, Fifth Edition.

    Completely updated, this new edition employs the trusted Incredibly Easy! approach to make NCLEX review more interesting and easy to absorb. It provides page after page of solid clinical information and clear rationales in an engaging, encouraging manner that promotes knowledge retention while decreasing study anxiety. You'll actually enjoy learning, stay motivated, and improve your performance on the licensing exam!

    NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy makes complex clinical concepts Incredibly Easy to understand through its unique combination of outline format and creative learning tools - including memory joggers, special review sections and visual aids - designed to reinforce key concepts for all areas on the exam. New NCLEX-style practice questions in the book and on the companion website cover all question types appearing in the latest test plan - including audio and graphic option questions.

    Take the stress out of studying with:

    Special strategy sections:
    • Get to know the exam structure, as detailed in the current test plan
    • Review strategies for success
    • Insightful test-taking tips

      Page after page of solid clinical information and clear rationales
    • Covers every topic on the exam
    • A unique combination of outline format and creative learning tools reinforce key concepts
    • "Cheat sheets" and special learning tools for quick review of important topics
    • Clear, concise rationales for all nursing interventions

      Practice, practice, practice!
    • Practice questions, including alternate format questions, at the end of each chapter and each section
    • Go to the website for 3,250 challenging NCLEX-style practice questions, including audio questions and graphic option questions
  • Specs
    Product Format
    Incredibly Easy! Series®
    Publication Date
    June 24, 2010
  • Lippincott
  • Features
    • NEW 250 practice questions added online for a total of 3,250 study questions with answers and rationales
    • NEW Meets the latest Board criteria for the 2010 NCLEX-RN test plan
    • Includes information for the international student taking the NCLEX
    • Online resource contains NCLEX questions in traditional and alternate formats
    • Two chapters explain the NCLEX and provide strategies for success
    • Graphic novel introduction reviews the NCLEX experience from application to licensure in a unique and engaging manner
    • Each body system chapter begins with a "brush up on key concepts" review of anatomy and physiology
    Special features include:
    • "Cheat sheets" at the beginning of every chapter provide a quick review of crucial data in an easy-to-read format
    • Chapters have a "Keep abreast of diagnostic tests" section to provide a review of diagnostic and laboratory tests relevant to the chapter as well as easy-to-understand nursing care guidelines
    • "Polish up on patient care" sections review disorders, including causes, assessment findings, diagnostic test results, and nursing interventions
    • "Management moments" offer practical insights on caring for clients with specific health issues
    • "Memory jogger" mnemonics provide effective ways to remember key information
    • "Pump up on practice" questions, with answers and rationales, provide an opportunity for students to test knowledge of each chapter
  • Table of contents
    I: Getting ready
  • 1: Preparing for the NCLEX
  • 2: Strategies for success

  • II: Care of the adult
  • 3: Cardiovascular system
  • 4: Respiratory system
  • 5: Hematologic & immune system
  • 6: Neurosensory system
  • 7: Musculoskeletal system
  • 8: Gastrointestinal system
  • 9: Endocrine system
  • 10: Genitourinary system
  • 11: Integumentary system

  • Pump up on more practice questions

    III: Psychiatric care
  • 12: Essentials of psychiatric nursing
  • 13: Somatoform & sleep disorders
  • 14: Anxiety & Mood disorders
  • 15: Cognitive disorders
  • 16: Personality disorders
  • 17: Schizophrenic & delusional disorders
  • 18: Substance-related disorders
  • 19: Dissociative disorders
  • 20: Sexual disorders
  • 21: Eating disorders

  • Pump up on more practice questions

    IV: Maternal-neonatal care
  • 22: Antepartum care
  • 23: Intrapartum care
  • 24: Postpartum care
  • 25: Neonatal care

  • Pump up on more practice questions

    V: Care of the child
  • 26: Growth & development
  • 27: Cardiovascular system
  • 28: Respiratory system
  • 29: Hematologic & immune system
  • 30: Neurosensory system
  • 31: Musculoskeletal system
  • 32: Gastrointestinal system
  • 33: Endocrine system
  • 34: Genitourinary system
  • 35: Integumentary system

  • Pump up on more practice questions

    VI: Professional issues
  • 36: Leadership & management
  • 37: Law & ethics

  • Pump up on more practice questions
    Physiologic changes in aging
    Selected references
  • Review
  • Questions and Answers