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December 18, 2012
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  • Description
    This widely acclaimed book is a complete, authoritative reference on nutrition and its role in contemporary medicine, dietetics, nursing, public health, and public policy. Distinguished international experts provide in-depth information on historical landmarks in nutrition, specific dietary components, nutrition in integrated biologic systems, nutritional assessment through the life cycle, nutrition in various clinical disorders, and public health and policy issues.
    Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease , 11th Edition, offers coverage of nutrition's role in disease prevention, international nutrition issues, public health concerns, the role of obesity in a variety of chronic illnesses, genetics as it applies to nutrition, and areas of major scientific progress relating nutrition to disease.
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    December 18, 2012
  • A. Catharine Ross PhD

    Professor of Nutrition; Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair, Department of Nutritional Sciences; Editor, The Journal of Nutrition; Department of Nutritional Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

    Benjamin Caballero MD, PhD
    Professor and Director, Center for Human Nutrition, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
    Robert J. Cousins PhD

    Boston Family Professor of Nutrition and Director, Center for Nutritional Sciences, Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL  

    Katherine L. Tucker Ph.D.
    Chair, Department of Health Sciences; Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology; Director, Center for Population Health and Health Disparities Associate; Editor, Journal of Nutrition; Northeastern University, Boston, MA
    Thomas R. Ziegler M.D.
    Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipids; Director, Emory Center for Clinical and Molecular Nutrition; Co-Program Director, Research Education, Training and Career Development Core, Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute (ACTSI); Director, Emory University Hospital Clinical Interactions Site, ACTSI Clinical Interactions Network
  • Features
    - NEW chapters on: Carotenoids, Neutraceuticals, Prebiotics and Probiotics, Genetic Variation, Epigenetics, Mechanicsms of Nutrient Sensing, Metabolic Consequences of Caloric Restriction, Bariatric Surgery, Metabolic Syndrome, Inflammation in Metabolic Diseases, Food Insecurity and Hunger in Children, Irritable Bowel and Diverticular Disease, Cancer Cachexia, Nutrition in Burn and Wound Healing, and Food Assistance Programs
    - NEW thePoint site w eBook, Appendices, Image Bank, and PowerPoints of Chapter Outlines
    - NEW 2nd color
  • Table of contents

    Part I: Specific Dietary Components
    Section A: Major Dietary Constituents
    1 Proteins and Amino Acids
    2 Carbohydrates
    3 Dietary Fiber
    4 Lipids, Cholesterol, Other Sterols and their Metabolites
    5 Energy Needs
    6 Electrolytes, Water and Acid-Base Metabolism
    Section B: Minerals
    7 Calcium
    8 Phosphorus
    9 Magnesium
    10 Iron
    11 Zinc
    12 Copper
    13 Iodine
    14 Selenium
    15 Manganese
    16 Trace Elements
    Section C: Vitamins
    17 Vitamin A
    18 Vitamin D
    19 Vitamin E
    20 Vitamin K
    21 Thiamine
    22 Riboflavin
    23 Niacin
    24 Vitamin B6
    25 Pantothenic Acid
    26 Folic Acid
    27 Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)
    28 Biotin
    29 Vitamin C
    30 Choline and Phosphatidyl choline
    Section D: Other Compounds with Health Relevance
    31 Carotenoids
    32 Carnitine
    33 Cysteine, Taurine and Homocysteine
    34 Glutamine
    35 Arginine, CitrUL>36 Neutraceuticals
    36 Neutraceuticals
    36 Neutraceuticals
    37 Polyphenols and Flavonoids
    38 Prebiotics and Probiotics

    Part II: Nutritional Roles in Integrated Biologic Systems
    Section A: Nutritient-Gene Mechanisms
    39 Nutritional Regulation of Gene Expression
    40 Genetic Variation
    41 Epigenetics
    Section B: Digestive, Endocrine, and Neural Mechanisms
    42 Alimentary Tract in Nutrition: (Nutritional Physiology of the Alimentary Tract)
    43 Nutrition and Chemical Senses
    44 Control of Food Intake and Appetite
    45 Nutrition and Immune System
    46 Oxidant Defenses
    47 Mechanisms of Nutrient Sensing

    Part III: Nutritional Needs and Assessment During the Life Cycle and Physiologic Challenges
    48 Body Composition
    49 Anthropometry
    49 Anthropometry
    50 Metabolic Consequences of Starvation
    51 Metabolic Consequences of Caloric Restriction
    52 Nutrition in Pregnancy
    53 Nutrition in Lactation
    54 Nutrition in Infancy and Childhood
    55 Nutrition in Adolescence
    56 Nutrition in the Older Person
    57 Manifestations of Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities

    Part IV: Prevention and Management of Disease
    Section A: Obesity and Diabetes
    58 Obesity--Etiology and Prevention
    59 Obesity Pathophysiology and Management
    60 Bariatric Surgery
    61 Nutritional Management of Diabetes
    62 Metabolic Syndrome
    63 Inflammation in Metabolic Diseases
    Section B: Cardiovascular Diseases
    64 Lipoprotein Disorders: Nutrient and Genetic Regulation
    65 Management of Serum Lipid and Lipoprotein Disorders
    66 Nutrition and Hypertension
    Section C: Pediatric and Adolescent Disorders
    67 Pediatric Feeding Problems
    68 Protein-Energy Malnutrition
    69 Inherited Metabolic Diseases of Children
    69 Inherited Metabolic Diseases of Children
    70 Inherited Lipid Disorders of ß-oxidation
    71 Nutritional Management of Children with Specific Diseases
    72 Food Insecurity and Hunger in Children
    Section D: Disorders of the Alimentary Tract
    73 Nutrition and Dental Medicine
    74 The Esophagus and Stomach
    75 Assessment of Malabsorption
    76 Intestinal Disaccharidase Disorders
    77 Short Bowel Syndrome
    78 Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    79 Celiac Disease
    80 Irritable Bowel and Diverticular Disease
    81 Nutrition in Pancreatic Disorders
    82 Nutrition in Liver Disorders and the Role of Alcohol
    83 Enteral Feeding
    84 Parenteral Feeding
    85 Nutrition Support in Family and Hospital Medicine
    Section E: Nutritional Management During Cancer
    86 Epidemiology of Diet and Cancer Risk
    86 Epidemiology of Diet and Cancer Risk
    87 Cancer Cachexia
    88 Nutrition Support of the Cancer Patient
    Section F: Skeletal and Joint Disorders
    89 Bone and Joint Biology
    90 Prevention & Management of Osteoporosis
    91 Nutrition and Diet in Rheumatic and Arthritic Diseases
    Section G: Nutrition in Surgery and Trauma
    92 Hypercatabolic / Hypocatabolic States
    93 Nutrition in the Care of the Pt with Surgery, Infection and Trauma
    94 Nutrition in Burn and Wound Healing
    Section H: Behavioral, Psychiatric, and Neurological Diseases
    95 Nutritional Influences on the Nervous System
    96 Behavioral Disorders Affecting Food Intake
    Section I: Other Systemic Disorders
    97 Nutrition and the Kidney
    98 Hematologic aspects of iron deficiency and less common nutritional anemias
    99 Nutrition in Respiratory Diseases
    100 Nutrition and Infectious Diseases
    Section J: Food Additives, Hazards, and Nutrient-Drug Interactions
    101 Food Additives, Contaminants and Natural Toxicants--Maintaining a Safe Food Supply
    102 Food Allergies and Intolerances
    103 Drug-Nutrient Interactions

    Part V: Nutrition of Populations
    Section A: Nutrition in a Changing World
    104 Foundations of a Healthy Diet
    105 Dietary Patterns and Guidelines
    106 Dietary Reference Intakes
    107 Food Labeling
    108 Food Assistance Programs
    109 The Nutrition Transition: Global Trends, Urbanization, Diet and Health
    110 Food-based dietary guidelines: International Considerations
    111 Approaches to Preventing Micronutrient Deficiencies
    Section B: Nutrition and Human Performance
    112 Physical Activity, Fitness, and Health
    113 Sports / Endurance Nutrition
    114 The Evolving Science of Dietary Supplements
  • Editorial Reviews
    "It would be a great reference for non-nutrition professionals to give them the basics about a wide variety of topics. This is a substantial book, and it could be seen as a one-stop reference for those looking for key information."
    Doody's Review
    Amy Hess-Fischl, MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE(University of Chicago Medical Center)
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