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October 6, 2016
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  • Description
    Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

    Prepare your students for safe and effective maternity and pediatric nursing practice.
    This updated 3rd Edition of Ricci, Kyle, and Carman’s unique combination book helps students develop an understanding of the health needs of women and children, and empowers them to guide women and their children toward higher levels of wellness throughout the life cycle.
    • Updated Threaded Case Studies in every chapter give students an opportunity to apply concepts to real-life scenarios.
    • New Bringing It All Together sections draw content from multiple chapters to develop students’ skills in critical thinking, prioritizing, and clinical decision making.
    • New Cases begin at the end of each chapter and unfold online, providing extended opportunities for students to connect learning to practice.
    • New! Concept Mastery Alerts improve students’ understanding of potentially confusing topics as identified by Lippincott’s Adaptive Learning Powered by PrepU.
    • Evidence-based Research boxes provide the latest information on best practices in nursing and inspire students to implement EBR interventions.
    This leading content is also incorporated into Lippincott CoursePoint+, a dynamic learning solution that integrates this book’s curriculum, adaptive learning tools, virtual simulations, real-time data reporting, and the latest evidence-based practice content together into one powerful student learning solution. Lippincott CoursePoint+ improves the nursing students’ critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills to prepare them for practice. Learn more at www.NursingEducationSuccess.com/CoursePoint.
    Also available to support your students’ learning:
    Study Guide for Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, 4th Edition
    This hands-on guide helps students master essential information, build critical-thinking skills, and prepare for the NCLEX exam through a variety of exercises, case studies, and NCLEX-style questions. 
  • Specs
    Product Format
    HC-Printed Cover
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    8 3/8 x 10 7/8
    Publication Date
    October 6, 2016
  • About The Author(s)
    Susan Ricci ARNP, MSN, MEd
    Nursing Faculty, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
    Theresa Kyle MSN, CPNP
    MSN, CPNP. Associate Director of Nursing, Herzing University--Orlando, Winter Park, Florida
    Susan Carman MSN, MBA

    MSN, MBA. Most recently Professor of Nursing, Edison Community College, Fort Myers, FL

  • Features
    • New Concept Mastery Alerts clarify difficult concepts, informed by data from Misconception Alert questions in PrepU for Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
    • New: Bringing it all TogetherSegment drawing content application from multiple chapters, to develop dynamic/critical thinking. Including prioritization, development, etc. To be located at end of chapters for all of unit 4.
    • New: End of Chapter CaseEnd of chapter case study to apply course content. Phase I of case is in the book and entire unfolding case study is on thePoint. Linking print/digital.
    •  Threaded/Unfolding CaseMaking note of the ‘unfolding case’, at each feature occurrence, throughout each chapter and aligning photo in chapter opener to small photo assigned with threaded case to make feature more visible to students.
    •  Words of Wisdom each chapter opens with Words of Wisdom (WOW) which offer helpful, timely, or interesting thoughts. 
    • New Atraumatic Care located throughout pediatric sections of the book, provide tips for providing atraumatic care to children in particular situations in relation to topic being discussed. 
    • New Thinking About Development featured in chapters related to the care of children will encourage students to think critically about special development concerns related to the content being discussed. 
    •  Key TermsPutting more advanced terms in this section of the book
    • Teaching GuidelinesMaking these briefer and adjusting formatting for brevity
    • Consider This Guidelines on thePoint for answers/guidance on how to reach answers with page numbers
    • Take Note draws student's attention to points of critical emphasis throughout the chapter. 
  • Table of contents
    Unit One  Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing 
    Chapter 1  Perspectives on Maternal and Child Health Care 
    Chapter 2  Family-Centered Community-Based Care 

    Unit Two  Women’s Health Throughout the Lifespan 
    Chapter  3 Anatomy and Physiology of the Reproductive System 
    Chapter  4 Common Reproductive Issues 
    Chapter  5 Sexually Transmitted Infections 
    Chapter  6  Disorders of the Breasts
    Chapter  7  Benign Disorders of the Female Reproductive Tract 
    Chapter  8 Cancers of the Female Reproductive Tract 
    Chapter  9  Violence and Abuse 

    Unit Three Pregnancy 
    Chapter  10  Fetal Development and Genetics 
    Chapter  11  Maternal Adaptation During Pregnancy 
    Chapter  12  Nursing Management During Pregnancy

    Unit Four Labor and Birth 
    Chapter  13  Labor and Birth Process 
    Chapter  14  Nursing Management During Labor and Birth 

    Unit Five  Postpartum Period 
    Chapter  15  Postpartum Adaptations 
    Chapter  16  Nursing Management During the Postpartum Period

    Unit Six The Newborn 
    Chapter  17  Newborn Adaptation 
    Chapter  18 Nursing Management of the Newborn 

    Unit Seven Childbearing at Risk 
    Chapter 19 Nursing Management of Pregnancy at Risk: Pregnancy-Related Complications 
    Chapter  20  Nursing Management of the Pregnancy at Risk: Selected Health Conditions and Vulnerable Populations
    Chapter  21 Nursing Management of Labor and Birth at Risk 
    Chapter 22 Nursing Management of the Postpartum Woman at Risk 

    Unit Eight The Newborn at Risk 
    Chapter  23 Nursing Care of the Newborn With Special Needs 
    Chapter  24 Nursing Management of the Newborn at Risk: Acquired and Congenital Newborn Conditions 

    Unit Nine Health Promotion for the Growing Child and Family 
    Chapter 25 Growth and Development of the Newborn and Infant 
    Chapter 26 Growth and Development of the Toddler
    Chapter 27 Growth and Development of the Preschooler
    Chapter 28 Growth and Development of the School-Age Child 
    Chapter  29  Growth and Development of the Adolescent 

    Unit Ten Foundations of Pediatric Nursing 
    Chapter 30 Atraumatic Care of Children and Families
    Chapter 31 Health Supervision
    Chapter 32 Health Assessment of Children
    Chapter 33 Caring for Children in Diverse Settings
    Chapter 34 Caring for the Special Needs Child
    Chapter 35 Key Pediatric Nursing Interventions
    Chapter 36 Pain Management in Children 

    Unit Eleven Nursing Care of the Child With a Health Disorder 
    Chapter 37 Nursing Care of the Child with an Infectious or Communicable Disorder
    Chapter 38  Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Intracranial Regulation/Neurologic Disorder  
    Chapter 39 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Sensory Perception/Disorder of the Eyes or Ears 
    Chapter 40 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Gas Exchange/Respiratory Disorder 
    Chapter 41  Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Perfusion/Cardiovascular Disorder 
    Chapter 42 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Bowel Elimination/Gastrointestinal Disorder  
    Chapter 43  Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Urinary Elimination/Genitourinary Disorder 
    Chapter 44 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Mobility/Neuromuscular or Musculoskeletal Disorder
    Chapter 45 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Tissue Integrity/Integumentary Disorder 
    Chapter 46 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Cellular Regulation/Hematologic or Neoplastic Disorder 
    Chapter 47 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Immunity/Immunologic Disorder 
    Chapter 48 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Metabolism/Endocrine Disorder 
    Chapter 49 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Genetics 
    Chapter 50 Nursing Care of the Child With an Alteration in Behavior, Cognition, Development, or Mental Health/Cognitive or Mental Health Disorder
    Chapter 51 Nursing Care During a Pediatric Emergency
  • Review
  • Questions and Answers
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