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  • Description

    The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JB&JS) has been the most valued source of information for orthopaedic surgeons and researchers for over 125 years and is the gold standard in peer-reviewed scientific information in the field. 

    A core journal and essential reading for general as well as specialist orthopaedic surgeons worldwide, The Journal publishes evidence-based research to enhance the quality of care for orthopaedic patients. 

    • Indexed in CrossRef, Portico, MEDLINE, and the Web of Science (2015 impact factor: 5.163).
    • Published twice a month on the first and third Wednesday of each month.
    • Bonus material and features: Podcasts, instructional videos, Continuing Medical Education activities, article commenting, and social sharing links.
    • Comprehensive PDF archive dating back to 1889. 
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    Publication Frequency
    Published 24 times per year (Biweekly)
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    Marc F. Swiontkowski
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