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Irwin and Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine

Irwin and Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine

Publication Date
October 6, 2011
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  • Description
    Irwin and Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine is a comprehensive textbook covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of medical and surgical critical care. The Seventh Edition will again be presented as a single volume, and will retain the organizational structure established in in the Fifth Edition—a major overhaul from its two--volume predecessors. The text is generally organized on an organ-systems approach, but has popular sections such as procedures, overdoses and poisonings, trauma, and surgical problems in the ICU.
    Thoroughly updated for its Seventh Edition, this classic reference remains an unsurpassed source of definitive, practical guidance on adult patient care in the ICU. It provides encyclopedic, multidisciplinary coverage of both medical and surgical intensive care and includes a "how-to" atlas of procedures and a new section on noninvasive monitoring. Each chapter, completely revised, identifies Advances in Management based on randomized controlled clinical trials. The cardiology section has been completely rewritten to reflect advances in management of acute coronary syndromes. Also included are extensive updates on management of COPD, diabetes, oncologic emergencies, and overdoses and poisonings.
    A companion website will provide instant access to the complete and fully searchable text.
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    Publication Date
    October 6, 2011
  • About The Author(s)
    Richard S. Irwin MD
    Professor of Medicine and Nursing, University of Massachusetts Medical School and Graduate School of Nursing, Worcester, MA; Chief, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine, UMass Memorial Health Care, Worcester, MA ; Chief, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine, UMass Memorial Health Care, Worcester, MA
    James M. Rippe MD
    Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA; Founder and Director, Rippe Lifestyle Institute, Shrewsbury, MA; Founder and Director, Rippe Health Assessment at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Orlando, FL ; Founder and Director, Rippe Lifestyle Institute, Shrewsbury, MA; Founder and Director, Rippe Health Assessment at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Orlando, FL
  • Features
    --NEW:  Building a healthy work environment
    --NEW:  Effective collaborative communication by critical care team members
    --NEW: Family centered critical care
    --NEW: Role of the APN in critical care
    --NEW: Updated information on COPD,
  • Table of contents
    Chapter 1 Airway Management and Endotracheal Intubation 
    J. Matthias Walz, Shubjeet Kaur and Stephen O. Heard
    Chapter 2 Central Venous Catheters 
    Jason Lee-Llacer and Michael G. Seneff
    Chapter 3 Arterial Line Placement and Care 
    Jason Lee-Llacer and Michael G. Seneff
    Chapter 4 Pulmonary Artery Catheters 
    Harvey S. Reich
    Chapter 5 Temporary Cardiac Pacing 
    Seth T. Dahlberg
    Chapter 6 Cardioversion and De?brillation 
    Mark S. Link and Naomi F. Botkin
    Chapter 7 Pericardiocentesis 
    Craig S. Smith and Richard C. Becker
    Chapter 8 Chest Tube Insertion and Care 
    Ulises Torres and Robert A. Lancy
    Chapter 9 Bronchoscopy 
    Stephen J. Krinzman, Paulo J. Oliveira and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 10 Thoracentesis 
    Mark M. Wilson and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 11 Arterial Puncture for Blood Gas Analysis 
    Kimberly A. Robinson and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 12 Tracheostomy 
    Scott E. Kopec and Timothy A. Emhoff
    Chapter 13 Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 
    Anupam Singh, Randall S. Pellish and Wahid Y. Wassef
    Chapter 14 Paracentesis and Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage 
    Lena M. Napolitano
    Chapter 15 Gastroesophageal Balloon Tamponade for Acute Variceal Hemorrhage 
    Marie T. Pavini and Juan Carlos Puyana
    Chapter 16 Endoscopic Placement of Feeding Tubes 
    Lena M. Napolitano
    Chapter 17 Cerebrospinal Fluid Aspiration 
    John P. Weaver
    Chapter 18 Percutaneous Suprapubic Cystostomy 
    Satya Allaparthi, K.C. Balaji and Philip J. Ayvazian
    Chapter 19 Aspiration of the Knee and Synovial Fluid Analysis 
    Bonnie J. Bidinger and Eric W. Jacobson
    Chapter 20 Anesthesia for Bedside Procedures 
    Mark Dershwitz
    Chapter 21 Interventional Ultrasound 
    Gisela I. Banauch and Paul H. Mayo
    Chapter 22 Interventional Radiology: Percutaneous Drainage Techniques 
    Brian T. Callahan, Salomao Faintuch and Felipe B. Collares
    Chapter 23 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 
    Bruce Greenberg and John A. Paraskos
    Chapter 24 Management of Pain in the Critically Ill Patient 
    Armagan Dagal, Mario De Pinto and W. Thomas Edwards
    Chapter 25 Therapeutic Paralysis 
    Khaldoun Faris
    Chapter 26 Routine Monitoring of Critically Ill Patients 
    Patrick Troy, Nicholas A. Smyrnios and Michael D. Howell
    Chapter 27 Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring 
    Andrew J. Goodwin, Ednan K. Bajwa and Atul Malhotra
    Chapter 28 Neurologic Multimodal Monitoring 
    Raphael A. Carandang, Wiley R. Hall and Donald S. Prough
    Chapter 29 Echocardiography in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Achikam Oren-Grinberg, Sajid Shahul and Adam B. Lerner
    Chapter 30 Monitoring Gastrointestinal Tract Function 
    Ruben J. Azocar, Laura Santos Pavia and Suresh Agarwal
    Chapter 31 Respiratory Monitoring during Mechanical Ventilation 
    Todd W. Sarge, Ray Ritz and Daniel Talmor
    Chapter 32 Approach to the Patient with Hypotension and Hemodynamic Instability 
    Michael M. Givertz and James C. Fang
    Chapter 33 Management of Advanced Heart Failure 
    G. William Dec
    Chapter 34 Valvular Heart Disease 
    Garrick C. Stewart and Patrick T. O’Gara
    Chapter 35 Critical Care of Pericardial Disease 
    Akshay S. Desai and Kenneth L. Baughman
    Chapter 36 Acute Aortic Syndromes 
    Leon M. Ptaszek, Eric M. Isselbacher and Amy E. Spooner
    Chapter 37 Evaluation and Management of Hypertension in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Benjamin M. Scirica and Robert J. Heyka
    Chapter 38 Unstable Angina/Non–ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction 
    Suzanne J. Baron, Christopher P. Cannon and Marc S. Sabatine
    Chapter 39 ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction 
    James A. de Lemos and David A. Morrow
    Chapter 40 Mechanical Complications of Myocardial Infarction 
    Annabel A. Chen-Tournoux and Michael A. Fifer
    Chapter 41 Ventricular Tachycardia 
    Melanie Maytin and Bruce A. Koplan
    Chapter 42 Supraventricular Tachycardias: Recognition and Management in the Intensive Care Setting 
    Ammar Habib, Joseph J. Gard, Traci L. Buescher and Samuel J. Asirvatham
    Chapter 43 Bradyarrhythmias and Temporary Pacing 
    Gaurav A. Upadhyay and Jagmeet P. Singh
    Chapter 44 How to Manage Cardiac Pacemakers and Implantable De?brillators in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Melanie Maytin and Usha B. Tedrow
    Chapter 45 Mechanical Support for Heart Failure 
    Jeffrey J. Teuteberg and Firas E. Zahr

    Chapter 46 Respiratory Failure Part I: A Physiologic Approach to Respiratory Failure 
    Thaddeus C. Bartter, Melvin R. Pratter, Wissam Abouzgheib and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 47 Respiratory Failure Part II: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome 
    Gilman B. Allen and Polly E. Parsons
    Chapter 48 Respiratory Failure Part III: Asthma 
    J. Mark Madison and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 49 Respiratory Failure Part IV: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 
    Meyer S. Balter and Ronald F. Grossman
    Chapter 50 Respiratory Failure Part V: Extrapulmonary Causes of Respiratory Failure 
    Helen M. Hollingsworth, Melvin R. Pratter and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 51 Respiratory Failure Part VI: Acute Respiratory Failure in Pregnancy 
    Christine Campbell-Reardon and Helen M. Hollingsworth
    Chapter 52 Venous Thromboembolism: Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Venous Thrombosis 
    Charles William Hargett, III and Victor F. Tapson
    Chapter 53 Managing Hemoptysis 
    Richard S. Irwin and Kimberly A. Robinson
    Chapter 54 Aspiration 
    Kimberly A. Robinson and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 55 Drowning 
    Nicholas A. Smyrnios and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 56 Pulmonary Hypertension in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Kimberly A. Fisher and Harrison W. Farber
    Chapter 57 Pleural Disease in the Critically Ill Patient 
    Peter Doelken and Steven A. Sahn
    Chapter 58 Mechanical Ventilation Part I: Invasive 
    Richard A. Oeckler, Rolf D. Hubmayr and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 59 Mechanical Ventilation Part II: Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation for the Adult Hospitalized Patient 
    Samy S. Sidhom and Nicholas Hill
    Chapter 60 Mechanical Ventilation Part III: Discontinuation 
    Richard S. Irwin, Nicholas A. Smyrnios and Rolf D. Hubmayr
    Chapter 61 Gas Embolism Syndromes: Venous Gas Emboli, Arterial Gas Emboli, and Decompression Sickness 
    Mark M. Wilson
    Chapter 62 Respiratory Adjunct Therapy 
    Scott E. Kopec and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 63 Chest Radiographic Examination 
    Cynthia B. Umali and Jerry P. Balikian
    Chapter 64 Acute Inhalation Injury 
    David J. Prezant, Dorsett D. Smith and Lawrence C. Mohr Jr
    Chapter 65 Disorders of Temperature Control Part I: Hypothermia 
    M. Kathryn Steiner, Frederick J. Curley and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 66 Disorders of Temperature Control Part II: Hyperthermia 
    M. Kathryn Steiner, Frederick J. Curley and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 67 Severe Upper Airway Infections 
    Stephen J. Krinzman, Sunil Rajan and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 68 Acute Infectious Pneumonia 
    Veronica Brito and Michael S. Niederman
    Chapter 69 Lung Biopsy 
    Scott E. Kopec and Richard S. Irwin
    Chapter 70 Sleep Issues in the Intensive Care Unit Setting 
    Kim L. Goring and Nancy A. Collop
    Chapter 71 Metabolic Acidosis and Metabolic Alkalosis 
    Robert M. Black
    Chapter 72 Disorders of Plasma Sodium and Plasma Potassium 
    Robert M. Black
    Chapter 73 Acute Kidney Injury in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Jahan Montague and Konstantin Abramov
    Chapter 74 Drug Dosing in Renal and Hepatic Failure: A Pharmacokinetic Approach to the Critically Ill Patient 
    Sonia Lin, Keith J. Foster, Ronald J. DeBellis and Brian S. Smith
    Chapter 75 Renal Replacement Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Glenn Kershaw, Matthew J. Trainor and Pang-Yen Fan
    Chapter 76 Approach to Fever in the ICU Patient 
    Raul E. Davaro and Richard H. Glew
    Chapter 77 Use of Antimicrobials in the Treatment of Infection in the Critically Ill Patient 
    Iva Zivna, Richard H. Glew and Jennifer S. Daly
    Chapter 78 Prevention and Control of Healthcare-Acquired Infections in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Mireya Wessolossky and Richard T. Ellison, III
    Chapter 79 Central Nervous System Infections 
    Heidi L. Smith and Alan L. Rothman
    Chapter 80 Infective Endocarditis and Infections of Intracardiac Prosthetic Devices 
    Karen C. Carroll, Sarah H. Cheeseman and Sara E. Cosgrove
    Chapter 81 Infections Associated with Vascular Catheters 
    Suzanne F. Bradley and Carol A. Kauffman
    Chapter 82 Urinary Tract Infections 
    Steven M. Opal
    Chapter 83 Life-Threatening Community-Acquired Infections: Toxic Shock Syndrome, Overwhelming Postsplenectomy Infection, Meningococcemia, Malaria, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Others 
    Mary T. Bessesen
    Chapter 84 Acute Infection in the Immunocompromised Host 
    Jennifer S. Daly and Robert W. Finberg
    Chapter 85 Intensive Care of Patients with HIV Infection 
    Sarah H. Cheeseman and Mark J. Rosen
    Chapter 86 Infectious Complications of Drug Abuse 
    Afroza Liton and William L. Marshall
    Chapter 87 Tuberculosis 
    Robert W. Belknap and Randall R. Reves
    Chapter 88 Botulism 
    Mary Dawn T. Co and Richard T. Ellison, III
    Chapter 89 Tetanus 
    Mary Dawn T. Co and Richard T. Ellison, III
    Chapter 90 Serious Epidemic Viral Pneumonias 
    Daniel H. Libraty
    Chapter 91 Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding 
    Ryan F. Porter, Gary R. Zuckerman and Chandra Prakash Gyawali
    Chapter 92 Stress Ulcer Syndrome 
    Sonal Kumar, Chandra Prakash Gyawali and Gary R. Zuckerman
    Chapter 93 Gastrointestinal Motility in the Critically Ill Patient 
    Filippo Cremonini, Anthony J. Lembo, Brennan M.R. Spiegel and Inder M. Singh
    Chapter 94 Fulminant Colitis and Toxic Megacolon 
    Stephen B. Hanauer
    Chapter 95 Evaluation and Management of Liver Failure 
    Gowri Kularatna and Mauricio Lisker-Melman
    Chapter 96 Diarrhea 
    Colin T. Swales, Laura Harrell, Eugene Chang and John K. Zawacki
    Chapter 97 Severe and Complicated Biliary Tract Disease 
    John M. Iskander, Sreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda and Riad Azar
    Chapter 98 Hepatic Dysfunction 
    Mauricio Lisker-Melman and Gowri Kularatna
    Chapter 99 Acute Pancreatitis 
    Michael L. Steer
    Chapter 100 Management of Hyperglycemia in Critically Ill Patients 
    Michael J. Thompson, David M. Harlan, Samir Malkani and John P. Mordes
    Chapter 101 Hyperglycemic Diabetic Coma 
    Samir Malkani, Aldo A. Rossini, David M. Harlan, Michael J. Thompson and John P. Mordes
    Chapter 102 Severe Hyperthyroidism 
    Marjorie S. Safran
    Chapter 103 Myxedema Coma 
    Mira So?a Torres and Charles H. Emerson
    Chapter 104 Hypoadrenal Crisis and the Stress Management of the Patient on Chronic Steroid Therapy 
    Neil Aronin
    Chapter 105 Disorders of Mineral Metabolism 
    Seth M. Arum and Daniel T. Baran
    Chapter 106 Hypoglycemia 
    John P. Mordes, Michael J. Thompson, David M. Harlan and Samir Malkani
    Chapter 107 Nonthyroidal Illness Syndrome (Sick Euthyroid Syndrome) in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Shirin Haddady and Alan P. Farwell
    Chapter 108 Disorders of Hemostasis in Critically Ill Patients 
    Jeremiah Boles and Alice D. Ma
    Chapter 109 Thrombocytopenia 
    Thomas G. DeLoughery
    Chapter 110 Antithrombotic Pharmacotherapy 
    Christopher D. Adams, Kevin E. Anger, Bonnie C. Greenwood and John Fanikos
    Chapter 111 Diagnosis and Management of Prothrombotic Disorders in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Ashkan Emadi and Michael B. Streiff
    Chapter 112 Anemia in the Critical Care Setting 
    Marc S. Zumberg, Marc J. Kahn and Alice D. Ma
    Chapter 113 Therapeutic Apheresis: Technical Considerations and Indications in Critical Care 
    Theresa A. Nester and Michael Linenberger
    Chapter 114 Transfusion Therapy: Blood Components and Transfusion Complications 
    Terry Gernsheimer
    Chapter 115 Critical Care of Patients with Hematologic Malignancies 
    Matthew J. Wieduwilt and Lloyd E. Damon
    Chapter 116 Oncologic Emergencies 
    Damian J. Green, John A. Thompson and Bruce Montgomery
    Chapter 117 General Considerations in the Evaluation and Treatment of Poisoning 
    Ian M. Ball and Christopher H. Linden
    Chapter 118 Acetaminophen Poisoning 
    Steven B. Bird
    Chapter 119 Alcohols and Glycol Poisoning 
    Jennifer L. Englund, Marco L.A. Sivilotti and Marsha D. Ford
    Chapter 120 Antiarrhythmic Agents 
    Michael Ganetsky
    Chapter 121 Anticholinergic Poisoning 
    Keith K. Burkhart
    Chapter 122 Anticonvulsant Poisoning 
    Steven B. Bird
    Chapter 123 Antidepressant Poisoning 
    Cynthia K. Aaron and Abhishek Katiyar
    Chapter 124 Antipsychotic Poisoning 
    Michael J. Burns and Christopher H. Linden
    Chapter 125 Beta-Blocker Poisoning 
    Shan Yin and Javier C. Waksman
    Chapter 126 Calcium Channel Antagonist Poisoning 
    Christopher R. DeWitt
    Chapter 127 Cardiac Glycoside Poisoning 
    Mark A. Kirk and Bryan S. Judge
    Chapter 128 Cholinergic Poisoning 
    Cynthia K. Aaron
    Chapter 129 Cocaine Poisoning 
    Richard D. Shih and Judd E. Hollander
    Chapter 130 Corrosive Poisoning 
    Robert P. Dowsett and Christopher H. Linden
    Chapter 131 Salicylate and Other Nonsteroidal Anti-In?ammatory Drug Poisoning 
    Marco L.A. Sivilotti and Christopher H. Linden
    Chapter 132 Envenomations 
    Robert L. Norris
    Chapter 133 Heavy Metal Poisoning 
    Luke Yip
    Chapter 134 Hydrocarbon Poisoning 
    William J. Lewander and Alfred Aleguas Jr
    Chapter 135 Hydro?uoric Acid Poisoning 
    Kennon Heard
    Chapter 136 Iron Poisoning 
    Milton Tenenbein
    Chapter 137 Isoniazid Poisoning 
    James B. Mowry and R. Brent Furbee
    Chapter 138 Lithium Poisoning 
    Kent R. Olson and Thanjira Jiranantakan
    Chapter 139 Methylxanthine Poisoning 
    Michael W. Shannon
    Chapter 140 Opioid Poisoning 
    Robert P. Dowsett and Luke Yip
    Chapter 141 Pesticide Poisoning 
    William K. Chiang and Richard Y. Wang
    Chapter 142 Phencyclidine and Hallucinogen Poisoning 
    Frank F. Daly and Luke Yip
    Chapter 143 Sedative–Hypnotic Agent Poisoning 
    Andis Graudins
    Chapter 144 Amphetamines 
    Michael C. Beuhler
    Chapter 145 Withdrawal Syndromes 
    Paul M. Wax and Jennifer Smith
    Chapter 146 Epistaxis 
    Avinash V. Mantravadi, Chad A. Zender and Louis G. Portugal
    Chapter 147 Esophageal Perforation and Acute Mediastinitis 
    Jason W. Smith, Christopher H. Wig?eld and Robert B. Love
    Chapter 148 Management of the Postoperative Cardiac Surgical Patient 
    Sajid Shahul, Cathy Dudick and Alan Lisbon
    Chapter 149 Noncardiac Surgery in the Cardiac Patient 
    Steven B. Edelstein and Scott W. Byram
    Chapter 150 Diagnosis and Management of Intra-abdominal Sepsis 
    Dennis I. Sonnier, Shrawan G. Gaitonde, Patrick D. Solan and Thomas L. Husted
    Chapter 151 Mesenteric Ischemia 
    Takki Momin and John Ricotta
    Chapter 152 Compartment Syndrome of the Abdominal Cavity 
    Ajai K. Malhotra and Rao R. Ivatury
    Chapter 153 Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections 
    Richard L. Gamelli and Joseph A. Posluszny Jr
    Chapter 154 Acute Limb Ischemia: Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies 
    Pegge M. Halandras and Ross Milner
    Chapter 155 Pressure Sores: Prevention and Treatment 
    Victor G. Cimino, Wellington J. Davis III and Samir R. Shah
    Chapter 156 Management of the Obstetrical Patient in the Intensive Care Setting 
    John G. Gianopoulos and Jonathan F. Critchlow
    Chapter 157 Shock: An Overview 
    Michael L. Cheatham, Ernest F.J. Block, Howard G. Smith,
    Matthew W. Lube and John T. Promes
    Chapter 158 Resuscitation from Shock Following Injury 
    Donald H. Jenkins, John B. Holcomb, Phillip A. Letourneau, Dustin L. Smoot and Stephen L. Barnes
    Chapter 159 The Management of Sepsis 
    Paul E. Marik
    Chapter 160 Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome 
    Andrew C. Bernard and Timothy A. Pritts
    Chapter 161 Trauma Systems 
    Christoph R. Kaufmann and Kevin Dwyer
    Chapter 162 Traumatic Brain Injury 
    Todd W. Trask and Arthur L. Trask
    Chapter 163 Spinal Cord Trauma 
    Howard B. Levene, Michael Y. Wang and Barth A. Green
    Chapter 164 Thoracic and Cardiac Trauma 
    Scott B. Johnson and John G. Myers
    Chapter 165 Critical Care of the Patient with Abdominal Trauma 
    Justin L. Regner and John B. Cone
    Chapter 166 Burn Management 
    Philip Fidler
    Chapter 167 Orthopedic Injury 
    Gregory J. Della Rocca and Sean E. Nork
    Chapter 168 An Approach to Neurologic Problems in the Intensive Care Unit 
    David A. Drachman
    Chapter 169 Evaluating the Patient with Altered Consciousness in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Raphael A. Carandang, Lawrence J. Hayward and David A. Drachman
    Chapter 170 Metabolic Encephalopathy 
    Paula D. Ravin
    Chapter 171 Generalized Anoxia/Ischemia of the Nervous System 
    Carol F. Lippa and Majaz Moonis
    Chapter 172 Status Epilepticus 
    Jaishree Narayanan and Catherine A. Phillips
    Chapter 173 Cerebrovascular Disease 
    Majaz Moonis, John P. Weaver and Marc Fisher
    Chapter 174 Neuro-Oncological Problems in the Intensive Care Unit 
    N. Scott Litofsky and Michael C. Muzinich
    Chapter 175 Guillain–Barre Syndrome 
    Isabelita R. Bella and David A. Chad
    Chapter 176 Myasthenia Gravis in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Isabelita R. Bella and Randall R. Long
    Chapter 177 Miscellaneous Neurologic Problems in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Jing Ji, Ann L. Mitchell and Nancy M. Fontneau
    Chapter 178 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage 
    Wiley R. Hall, Majaz Moonis and John P. Weaver
    Chapter 179 Mental Status Dysfunction in the Intensive Care Unit: Postoperative Cognitive Impairment 
    Joan M. Swearer and Shashidhara Nanjundaswamy
    Chapter 180 Newly Acquired Weakness in the Intensive Care Unit: Critical Illness Myopathy and Neuropathy 
    David A. Chad
    Chapter 181 Immunosuppression in Solid-Organ Transplantation 
    Amit Basu, Arthur J. Matas and Abhinav Humar
    Chapter 182 Critical Care Problems in Kidney Transplant Recipients 
    Mark L. Sturdevant and Rainer W.G. Gruessner
    Chapter 183 Speci?c Critical Care Problems in Heart and Heart-Lung Transplant Recipients 
    Sara J. Shumway and Eias E. Jweied
    Chapter 184 Care of the Pancreas Transplant Recipient 
    Robert M. Esterl Jr, Gregory A. Abrahamian, David E.R. Sutherland and Raja Kandaswamy
    Chapter 185 Management of the Organ Donor 
    Christoph Troppmann
    Chapter 186 Diagnosis and Management of Rejection, Infection, and Malignancy in Transplant Recipients 
    Tun Jie, David L. Dunn and Rainer W.G. Gruessner
    Chapter 187 Critical Care of the Liver and Intestinal Transplant Recipients 
    Ruy J. Cruz Jr, William D. Payne and Abhinav Humar
    Chapter 188 Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation 
    Paul A. Carpenter, Marco Mielcarek and Ann E. Woolfrey
    Chapter 189 Critical Care of the Lung Transplant Recipient 
    Luis F. Angel and Stephanie M. Levine
    Chapter 190 Nutritional Therapy in the Critically Ill Patient 
    Dominic J. Nompleggi
    Chapter 191 Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition in the Intensive Care Unit 
    David F. Driscoll and Bruce R. Bistrian
    Chapter 192 Disease-Speci?c Nutrition 
    Mickey M. Ott, Bryan R. Collier and Douglas Seidner
    Chapter 193 Rheumatologic Diseases in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Nancy Y.N. Liu and Judith A. Stebulis
    Chapter 194 Anaphylaxis 
    Frederic F. Little and Helen M. Hollingsworth
    Chapter 195 Dermatology in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Nikki A. Levin, Dori Goldberg, Lauren Alberta-Wszolek, Megan Bernstein and Alexis C. Perkins
    Chapter 196 Vasculitis in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Paul F. Dellaripa and Donough Howard
    Chapter 197 Diagnosis and Treatment of Agitation and Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit Patient 
    Jason P. Caplan
    Chapter 198 Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety in the Intensive Care Unit Patient 
    Shelley A. Holmer and Robert M. Tighe
    Chapter 199 Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in the Intensive Care Unit Patient 
    Edith S. Geringer, John Querques, Meghan S. Kolodziej, Tuesday E. Burns and Theodore A. Stern
    Chapter 200 Managing the Suicidal Patient in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Saori A. Murakami and Hoa Thi Lam
    Chapter 201 Problematic Behaviors of Patients, Family, and Staff in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Craigan T. Usher
    Chapter 202 Recognition and Management of Staff Stress in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Guy Maytal
    Chapter 203 Use of Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators 
    Margaret Laccetti and Cheryl H. Dunnington
    Chapter 204 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in Critical Care 
    Theresa R. Macfarlan
    Chapter 205 Interprofessional Collaboration Among Critical Care Team Members 
    Debra Gerardi and Dorrie K. Fontaine
    Chapter 206 Healthy Work Environments: Necessary for Providers and Patients 
    Kathleen M. McCauley
    Chapter 207 ICU Nursing in the Telemedicine Age 
    Rebecca J. Zapatochny Rufo, Teresa A. Rincon and Shawn Cody
    Chapter 208 ICU Organization and Management 
    Thomas L. Higgins and Jay S. Steingrub
    Chapter 209 Critical Care Information Systems: Structure, Function, and Future 
    William F. Bria, Joseph J. Frassica, Richard Kremsdorf, M. Michael Shabot and Violet L. Shaffer
    Chapter 210 De?ning and Measuring Patient Safety in the Critical Care Unit 
    Alan M. Fein, Steven Y. Chang, Sara L. Merwin, David Ost and John E. Heffner
    Chapter 211 Medical Ethics, End of Life Care, and Clinical Research in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Mark Tidswell, Paul G. Jodka and Jay S. Steingrub
    Chapter 212 Assessing the Value and Impact of Critical Care in an Era of Limited Resources: Outcomes Research in the Intensive Care Unit 
    Andrew F. Shorr, William L. Jackson Jr and Derek C. Angus
    Chapter 213 Biological Agents of Mass Destruction 
    Angeline A. Lazarus, Asha Devereaux and Lawrence C. Mohr Jr
    Chapter 214 Chemical Agents of Mass Destruction 
    James Geiling and Lawrence C. Mohr Jr
    Chapter 215 The Management of Acute Radiation Casualties 
    Lawrence C. Mohr Jr
    Chapter 216 Planning and Organization for Emergency Mass Critical Care 
    James Geiling, Robert M. Gougelet and Lawrence C. Mohr Jr

    Calculations Commonly Used in Critical Care 
    Joseph J. Frassica
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