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Informatics and Nursing

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August 13, 2015
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  • Description
    Informatics and Nursing: Opportunities and Challenges is a comprehensive informatics text focused on helping the nursing student learn the basics of informatics.  The contents proceed from Unit One which covers computer basics to Unit Five which examines skills and techniques for using the end product of informatics: data. The text provides the foundational knowledge to understand technology and use informatics to discover and manipulate information and access, manage, retrieve, and present clinical data. This text was designed to capture cutting-edge advancement in nursing informatics core competencies and applications and to present the theories, tools, and skills that every nurse should know. The new edition has been updated for currency and has had chapters reorganized and consolidated to help students focus on important information. In addition, the book is now full color, has QSEN boxes, as well as additional supplements such as case studies and activities. 
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    7 x 9
    Publication Date
    August 13, 2015
  • About The Author(s)
    Jeanne Sewell
    Jeanne Sewell, MSN, RN-BC
    Associate Professor, School of Nursing
    College of Health Sciences
    Georgia College and State University
    Milledgeville, GA
    Linda Thede
    Linda Q. Thede, PhD, RN-BC
    Editor, CIN Plus
    Advisory Board, The Online Journal of  Issues in Nursing
  • Table of contents
    UNIT I: Informatics Basics
    CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Nursing Informatics: Managing Healthcare Information
    CHAPTER 2 Essential Computer and Software Concepts
    CHAPTER 3 Basic Computer Networking Concepts
    CHAPTER 4 Social and Professional Networking
    UNIT II: Computers Applications for Your Professional Career
    CHAPTER 5 Authoring Scholarly Word Documents
    CHAPTER 6 Authoring Scholarly Slide Presentations
    CHAPTER 7 Mastering Spreadsheet Software to Assess Quality Outcomes Using Numbers
    CHAPTER 8 Databases: Creating Information From Data
    UNIT III: Information Competency
    CHAPTER 9 Information Literacy: A Road to Evidence-Based Practice
    CHAPTER 10 Finding Knowledge in the Digital Library Haystack
    CHAPTER 11 Mobile Computing
    UNIT IV: The Evolving Healthcare Paradigm
    CHAPTER 12 Informatics Benefits for the Consumer
    CHAPTER 13 The Empowered Consumer
    CHAPTER 14 Interoperability at the National and the International Levels
    CHAPTER 15 Nursing Documentation in the Age of the Electronic Health Record
    UNIT V: Healthcare Informatics
    CHAPTER 16 Nursing Informatics: Theoretical Basis, Education Program, and Profession
    CHAPTER 17 Electronic Healthcare Information Systems, Electronic Health Records, and Meaningful Use
    CHAPTER 18 Design Considerations for Healthcare Information Systems
    CHAPTER 19 Quality Measures and Specialized Electronic Healthcare Information Systems
    CHAPTER 20 Electronic Healthcare System Issues
    CHAPTER 21 Evolving Trends in Telehealth
    UNIT VI: Computer Uses in Healthcare Beyond Clinical Informatics
    CHAPTER 22 Educational Informatics: e-Learning
    CHAPTER 23 Informatics in Management and Quality Improvement
    CHAPTER 24 Informatics and Research
    CHAPTER 25 Legal and Ethical Issues
    Appendix A   Computer Hardware Overview
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