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October 11, 2005
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  • Description

    Established worldwide as the one definitive, encyclopedic reference on headache, The Headaches is now in its thoroughly revised, updated Third Edition. The foremost international authorities examine the mechanisms of over 100 types of headache and provide evidence-based treatment recommendations, including extensive tables of controlled clinical trials.

    This edition presents the revised International Headache Society classification of headaches and explains how to use this new classification for accurate diagnosis. Many headache entities are discussed for the first time, such as chronic migraines; primary headache attributed to sexual activity; primary stabbing, cough, exertional, and thunderclap headaches; hypnic headaches; and new daily persistent headaches. A new section focuses on childhood headaches. Chapters that focus on headaches in elderly patients and patients with psychiatric or medical diseases are also included.

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    HC-Printed Cover
    Publication Date
    October 11, 2005
  • About The Author(s)
    Peter J. Goadsby
    The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Institute of Neurology, London, United Kingdom
    Jes Olesen MD, PhD
    Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Glostrup, Denmark
    Nabih M. Ramadan
    Clinical and External Affairs, Finch University of Health Sciences, Chicago Medical School, Chicago, IL
    Peer Tfelt-Hansen MD, PhD
    Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Glostrup, Denmark
    K. Michael A. Welch MD
    Clinical and External Affairs, Finch University of Health Sciences, Chicago Medical School, Chicago, IL
  • Table of contents

      I. General Aspects of the Headaches

    1. History of the Headache
    2. Classification of the Headache
    3. Epidemiology of the Headache
    4. Impact of the Headache on the Individual and Family
    5. Societal Burden of the Headache
    6. History and Examination of the Headache Patient
    7. Principles of Clinical Pharmacology, Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials and Evidence-Based Medicine in the Headache
    8. Ethical Issues in Headache Research and Management

      II. Basic Science Aspects of the Headahces

    9. Anatomy of Muscles, Tendons, Joints, Blood Vessels, and Meninges
    10. Anatomy and Physiology of Head Pain
    11. Inhibition and Facilitation of Nociception
    12. Peripheral and Central Sensitization Related to Headaches
    13. Imaging Pain
    14. Serotonin and Other Biogenic Amines
    15. Nitric Oxide
    16. Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide and Other Peptides
    17. Sex Hormones
    18. Prostanoids and Other Inflammatory Mediators
    19. Other Molecules Affecting Pain Modulation
    20. Ion Channels Relevant to Pain
    21. Intracellular Mechanisms of Relevance to Pain Transmission
    22. Animal Models of the Headache
    23. Human Models of the Headaches

      III. The Migraines

    24. The Migraines: Introduction
    25. Epidemiology of the Migraine
    26. Migraine Comorbidity
    27. Genetics of the Migraine
    28. Cortical Spreading Depression
    29. 5-Hydroxytryptamine Involvement in Migraines
    30. Nitric Oxide Involvement in Migraines
    31. CGRP Involvement in Migraines
    32. Channelopathies and Their Possible Relation to Migraines
    33. Neurogenic Inflammatory Mechanisms
    34. Blood and Spinal Fluid in Migraines
    35. Influence of Female Hormones on Migraines
    36. Platelets and Immunology of Migraines
    37. Hemodynamics and Neuroimaging of Migraines
    38. Brain Metabolism in Migraines
    39. Neurophysiology of Migraines
    40. Autonomic Dysfunction in Migraines
    41. Psychological Mechanisms of Migraines
    42. Synthesis of Migraine Mechanisms
    43. Symptomatology of Migraines without Aura
    44. Migraines with Aura and Its Subforms
    45. Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Migraines
    46. Prognosis of Migraines
    47. General and Pharmacological Approach to Migraine Management
    48. Psychological and Behavioral Treatments of Migraines
    49. Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs in the Acute Treatment of Migraines
    50. Ergot Alkaloids in the Acute Treatment of Migraines
    51. Triptans, 5-HT 1B/1D Receptor Agonists in the Acute Treatment of Migraines
    52. Antiemetic, Prokinetic, Neuroleptic, and Miscellaneous Drugs in the Acute Treatment of Migraines
    53. Prioritizing Acute Pharmacotherapy of Migraines
    54. B-Adrenoceptor Blocking Drugs in Migraine Prophylaxis
    55. Antiserotonin Drugs in Migraine Prophylaxis
    56. Calcium Antagonists in Migraine Prophylaxis
    57. Antiepileptic Drugs in Migraine Prophylaxis
    58. Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory and Miscellaneous Drugs (magnesium, botox, feverfew, riboflavinin) in Migraine Prophylaxis
    59. Prioritizing Prophylactic Treatment of Migraines
    60. Potential New Drugs for Acute and Prophylactic Treatment of Migraines
    61. Sporadic and Familial Hemiplegic Migraines
    62. Basilar Migraines and Retinal Migraines
    63. Status Migrainosus and Migraine Aura Status
    64. Migrainous Infarction, Persistent Aura Symptoms Without Stroke and Migraine Triggered Epilepsy
    65. Chronic Migraines

      IV. Tension-Type Headaches, Cluster Headahces, and Other Primary Headaches

    66. Tension-Type Headache: Introduction
    67. Epidemiology of Tension-Type Headaches
    68. Genetics of Tension-Type Headaches
    69. Human Studies of Experimental Pain from Muscle
    70. Sensitization of Myofascial Pain Pathways in Tension-Type Headaches
    71. Neurophysiology of Tension-Type Headaches
    72. Hemodynamics and Muscle Metabolism of Tension-Type Headaches
    73. Oromandibular Dysfunction and Tension-Type Headaches
    74. Psychological Mechanisms of Tension-Type Headaches

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