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Calculation of Medication Dosages

Practical Strategies to Ensure Safety and Accuracy
Publication Date
December 28, 2006
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  • Description
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    This text equips nurses with the decision making skills to ensure that medication dosages are calculated correctly and administered safely. The book integrates critical thinking and decision making into the dosage calculation process and uses a realistic case study approach, with photos of nurses, patients, tablets, solutions, syringes, injectables, and drug labels. The formula method and ratio and proportion method are both presented for all problems, and a separate appendix explains the dimensional analysis method.

    Tables of equivalents, formulas, and abbreviations used in medication orders appear on the inside cover. A pocket card with common measurements and conversions is included.

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    Publication Date
    December 28, 2006
  • About The Author(s)
    Janice Boundy PhD, RN
    Director of Graduate Program, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Peoria, IL
    Patricia Stockert PhD, RN
    Associate Professor, Senior Coordinator, Undergraduate Program, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Peoria, IL
  • Features
    --The Formula or Rule Method and the Ratio & Proportion Method are both presented for all problems so students can choose the method they are most comfortable using when calculating dosages.
    --Pedagogical Features incorporated into each chapter include:
    • Practice Problems with rationales to promote learning;
    • Critical Thinking & Decision-Making Exercises appear at the end of each chapter, to walk the student through a medication set up and dosage calculation scenario, guiding them in recognizing potential problems or errors and in correcting the situation;
    • Safety Alerts on common errors and how to avoid them;
    • Key Words & Concepts;
    • Practice Test at the end of each chapter.

    --A Pocket Card with common measurements and conversion tables provides students a quick reference tool.
    --Illustrations of solutions, tablets, syringes, injectables, and drug labels appear extensively throughout the text, assisting users with a clinically-realistic situation.
    --A CD-ROM symbol appears at strategic points throughout the chapter to direct the user to the CD-ROM.
    --Tables of common equivalents, formulas, and abbreviations used in medication orders appear on the inside cover for easy access.
    --The Dimensional Analysis method is explained in a comprehensive chapter.
  • Table of contents

    Chapter 1: Mathematics Review
    Chapter 2: Systems of Measurement
    Chapter 3: Preparing Drugs for Administration and Selecting Equipment
    Chapter 4: Interpreting Drug Orders Accurately
    Chapter 5: Reading Drug Labels Correctly
    Chapter 6: Strategies & Methods for Calculating Dosages Correctly
    Chapter 7: Calculating Oral Medication Dosages
    Chapter 8: Calculating Parenteral Medication Dosages
    Chapter 9: Calculating Intravenous Rates
    Chapter 10: Advanced Intravenous Calculation Skills
    Chapter 11: Calculating Pediatric Dosages Safely
    Chapter 12: Using the Dimensional Analysis Method

    Comprehensive Practice Exams

    • Exam I
    • Exam II

    Answers to Practice Exams




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