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August 19, 2016
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  • Description
    This comprehensive, expertly-written guide provides those directly or indirectly involved in case management with information about best practices, descriptions of key terms, essential skills, and tools that fulfill the current Case Management Society of America’s (CMSA) standards and requirements. Addressing the full spectrum of  healthcare professional roles and environments, this is both a crucial certification study guide and vital clinical resource for the case management professionals in all specialty areas, from students to veteran case managers.
    This unique resource provides the core knowledge needed for safe, cost-effective case management with the following features …
    • NEW text boxes highlighting key information and vital practices in each chapter
    • NEW and updated Standards of Practice implications in each chapter
    • NEW and updated content on transitions of care, community-based care, care coordination, Value-Based Purchasing, ethics and social media, the impacts of health care reform, and digital technology
    • NEW and updated content on accreditation in case management
    • NEW chapter that lists key additional resources, by topic
    • Official publication of the Case Management Society of America, connecting CMSA core curriculum to current CMSA Standards of Practice
    • Easy-to-grasp, detailed topical outline format for quick scan of topics
    • Complete, updated core knowledge required of case managers, with expert descriptions and direction on areas including:
    • Case management roles, functions, tools, and processes
    • Plans, clinical pathways, and use of technology
    • Transitional planning
    • Utilization management and resource management
    • Leadership skills and concepts
    • Quality and outcomes management; legal and ethical issues
    • Education, training, and certification
    • Health care insurance, benefits, and reimbursement systems
    • Practice settings and throughput
    • Interdisciplinary teams’ needs in: hospitals, community clinics, private practice, acute care, home care, long-term care and rehab settings, palliative care, and hospice settings
    • Up-to-date guidance on case management specialty practices, including: nursing, life care planning, workers’ compensation, disability management, care of the elderly, behavioral health, transitions of care, subacute and long-term care, utilization review/management, primary care and medical/health home, and more
    • Essential content for academic reference, training, certification study, case management models design, performance or program evaluation
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    6 x 9
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    August 19, 2016
  • Hussein M. Tahan PhD, RN
    System Vice President
    Nursing Professional Development and Workforce Planning
    MedStar Health System Nursing
    Columbia, Maryland
    Teresa M. Treiger RN-BC, MA, CHCQM-CM/TOC,
    Teresa M. Treiger, RN-BC, MA, CHCQM-CM/TOC, CCM
    CMSA Past National President (2010-2011)
    Principal, Ascent Care Management LLC
    Quincy, Massachusetts
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9781451194302 CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management 9781451194302 Home / Nursing / CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management 2 https://shop.lww.com/CMSA-Core-Curriculum-for-Case-Management/p/9781451194302 //cdn-tp2.mozu.com/16833-25855/cms/25855/files/b61fcdba-7fef-46c9-9cd6-6f1865f55765 76.99 76.99 76.99 1

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