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BatesVisualGuide 18VOLS + OSCE

12-Month Access Card to BatesVisualGuide.com with OSCE Clinical Skills Videos
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  • Description
    Carefully scripted and reviewed by clinical experts and educators including Dr. Lynn S. Bickley, author of Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, the site presents a step-by-step approach to patient, current examination techniques, and normal and abnormal findings.

     • More than 8 hours of head-to-toe, systems-based, and OSCE video footage features standardized patients that represent various age groups, backgrounds, and conditions
     • Accessibility via the web allows you to prepare for class or review material prior to exams from current browsers, devices, or locations with an internet connection.
     • Convenient site functionality includes keyword search for quick access to content, ability to email a clip, and PDF transcripts to use as reference or handouts.
     • When paired with the parent and/or pocket text (in print or digital formats), Bates’ Visual Guide serves as a complete assessment learning solution for students in medical, nursing, and related programs
     • The 12-month subscription is ideal for assessment or introduction to clinical medicine courses, particularly those in which OSCE clinical skills are essential, and can be activated on the Bates Visual Guide site
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    Product Format
    Access Cards
    Bates Visual
  • About The Author(s)
    Lynn S. Bickley MD, FACP
    Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
  • Table of contents

    Bates’ Physical Examination Videos

    Volume 1: Head-to-Toe Assessment: Adult

    Volume 2: Head-to-Toe Assessment: Infant

    Volume 3: Head-to-Toe Assessment: Child

    Volume 4: Head-to-Toe Assessment: Older Adult

    Volume 5: General Survey and Vital Signs

    Volume 6: Examination of the Skin

    Volume 7: Head, Eyes, and Ears

    Volume 8: Nose, Mouth, and Neck

    Volume 9: Thorax and Lungs

    Volume 10: Cardiovascular System

    Volume 11: Peripheral Vascular System

    Volume 12: Breasts and Axillae

    Volume 13: Abdomen

    Volume 14: Male Genitalia, Anus, Rectum, and Prostate

    Volume 15: Female Genitalia, Anus, and Rectum

    Volume 16: Musculoskeletal System

    Volume 17: Nervous System: Cranial Nerves and Motor System

    Volume 18: Nervous System: Sensory System and Reflexes


    OSCE Clinical Skills Videos

    OSCE 1: Chest Pain

    OSCE 2: Abdominal Pain

    OSCE 3: Sore Throat

    OSCE 4: Knee Pain

    OSCE 5: Cough
    OSCE 6: Vomit
    OSCE 7: Amenorrhea
    OSCE 8: Falls
    OSCE 9: Back Pain
    OSCE 10: Shortness of Breath

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